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Second Chances

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Second Chances

And now we are back at Jaime's bar, where she's bartending in that devil-may-care, fill-eight-glasses-at-a-time way that people do in movies that results in a shitload of whiskey getting poured all over the floor, so I kind of doubt it happens as often as they'd have you believe. A blonde comes up and tells Jaime she seems too "innocent and sweet" for bartending, and -- what do you know? It's Starbot. She says Jaime should be out dancing like everyone else, and Jaime "word"s this and goes back to work. She asks what Starbot will have, and Starbot says "beer," and Jaime puts a bottle up on the bar, declaring it "on the house." Okay, I call bullshit in three distinct ways. First, I don't know what kind of rinky-dink bar this is, but the idea that you go up to a bartender in an allegedly chic club and just say "beer" in any city other than perhaps Dogpatch is ridiculous, and you don't exactly have to be a power club attendee to know it. Second, in those places where you do order a generic "beer," the idea that it would arrive in a bottle rather than being a big glass of hops and Drano on tap is even more ridiculous. Third of all, the only place where a woman gets her very first drink "on the house" from the lady bartender simply for saying something friendly is on the planet Lesbianporniana, because that does not happen. Shut up, show.

Anyway, Starbot takes a drink, and Jaime asks if she knows her. You know, from some class, or the line at the coffee place, or smashing into her with a truck. Starbot agrees that they "met very briefly." Starbot asks Jaime to "guess" where they met, and just then, Jaime slices her finger open while cutting a lime. The next round of hepatitis is likewise on the house, I suppose. Starbot offers to look at it, and Jaime says it's fine, and then she looks at Starbot, and from the intense music and the endless staring, it's clear that she remembers where she saw Starbot. Either that, or the two of them are indeed on the planet Lesbianporniana, and this show is about to take quite a turn. Suddenly, Jaime looks around and realizes that she's seeing through some kind of optical device with a kind of tracking target thing, and she also realizes that she can hear a dude clinking the ice in his glass from across the room. Starbot looks at Jaime knowingly as Jaime takes in a dude muttering something pervy to the woman he's with. As Jaime returns her gaze to Starbot, Starbot says something or other to her, but it's distorted on account of the super-hearing, and Jaime drops the bottle (or glass, or whatever) she's holding, allowing it to dramatically drop to the ground.

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