Bionic Woman
Second Chances

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Second Chances

But anyway, she asks Miguel if he understands, then throws in, "By the way, Sarah Corvis says hello." She walks away, and Miguel calls Ruth over. "Tell [Shadowy] we have a candidate," he says.

Jaime's apartment. She peeks in on a sleeping Becca, then crawls in bed with her.

Snowy mountains; evergreens. "Sonora Pass, CA." Two men walking down a snow-covered mountain. They stop; they turn. It's Orange Jumpsuit and Sewing Arm! "What are you doing?" Sewing Arm asks as Orange Jumpsuit stares at the sky. "I haven't seen the moon in a thousand and twenty-three days," Orange Jumpsuit says. "It hasn't changed," says Sewing Arm. "Let's go. We have work to do." And they walk together down the mountain.

Back at her apartment, Jaime lies in bed and stares at us.

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Bionic Woman




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