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Second Chances

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Second Chances

Now, Jaime is driving Becca to school as Becca eats a Pop-Tart and listens to her iPod. Jaime insists that the Pop-Tart isn't "real food," and Becca snorts back that Jaime isn't a "real mom." So that's...reflexively hostile. The best part of this scene is that, as noted by one of the EEFPs, they didn't bother to reshoot the exterior of the school after they decided Becca shouldn't be deaf anymore or played by Mae Whitman anymore, so when they pull up to the school, there's still a big sign that says "DEAF." Decidedly non-deaf Becca snots that Dad didn't try to "control" her, and Jaime exposits that Dad dumped Becca with Jaime, and Becca can try returning to him anytime she wants. Jaime's lipstick is a distractingly inappropriate shade of pink here; she looks like she's been making out with Hello Kitty. Jaime and Becca bark at each other a little more, and Becca bails out of the car. Jaime shakes her head, like, "How am I related to THAT?"

And then we're in a classroom where a guy working a super-casual professorial vibe is lecturing about plastic surgery and showing some only semi-grisly slides. They include a facial reconstruction, a prosthetic leg, and a set of quite ginormous boobs. "For some women, bigger is better," the professor smarms, which provokes scattered fratty hooting, and then Jaime comes in the side door to listen. Professor Linen-y Jacket is talking about people "altering themselves" and whatnot, and Jaime sits and watches him adoringly. She does have some nice blue eyes. The bell rings, which...what college has a bell? Hello, tenured faculty don't take orders from loud noises like they're Von Trapp children.

Now, Jaime is out on the...quad, or whatever, and she's strolling with Professor Dorkus, whose name is "Will," telling him that there's no reason for them to be together, what with his being a successful professor ("and surgeon," he bragposits) and her just being a twenty-four-year-old girl hottie bartender. Yeah, what could he possibly see in her? Everyone knows that well-off established men only date equally accomplished women of their approximate age. It appears that he's wearing...a blazer made of khakis, which I didn't even know was a thing, as he tells her that the reason he's with her is that she's "different," which is great for him, since his life has always been so planned out. "The one choice my father didn't make for me," he says as he kisses her. You know, just a hint, Professor Dorkus: I find that when describing what it is about your beloved that turns you on, it's best to keep your parents entirely out of it. They kiss, but when he gets a page, he leaves. They arrange dinner for later -- it was to be at 8:00, but now it'll be 8:30, since he will be at "the lab" for a while. As he's leaving, he asks why she's with him, to which she says that he's "not entirely uncharming." False.

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