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Again with the killing dilemma?

Clayface somehow has the very switchblade he very clearly left behind at the crime scene when he killed Helena's mom. And they fight. And you know what? I refuse to recap this scene. I refuse to give this scene the dignity of a recap, when it's just the same tired climax we've seen time in and time out on countless television shows and movies long before Birds of Prey came along and started employing it every other week. Suffice it to say, Helena does not kill Clayface.

Quinzel strolls up, surprising Helena, but the doctor soothes her. "I understand; this is the part of your life you couldn't tell me about," she says, which Helena admits, and Quinzel says she can really help Helena with this, and Helena agrees to come back to therapy.

"I guess the secret's out," says Barbara, even though there WAS NO SECRET TO BEGIN WITH. And Wade couldn't care less; Wade just asks "so, is it over?" because Wade just wants to jump his crime-fighting girlfriend, who admits that Wade's her first boyfriend who's seen the Clocktower, which I'm sure she tells all her boyfriends. I guess there's no harm in a little white lie like that, even though in this day and age Wade can't really expect to be the first one to see her Clocktower. Then they start making out.

And speaking of making out, here comes Reese, like, THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP, REESE, and he strolls over to Helena. "Well, you almost killed that man," he says. Yeah, and thanks for trying to stop it, "officer." And she says she didn't, even though she wanted to. And he suggests that dinner they were talking about, and she suggests going straight for dessert. Then she sticks her tongue down his throat.

And Alfred strolls up to Dinah and they start making out too. Well, not really, but they're the only ones not getting any action, and I felt kind of bad for them.

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