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Again with the killing dilemma?

Reese and Helena are examining the statue, with Reese tapping on it and asking if they're sure anybody's in there, and Helena says that "Oracle's confirming it now" as she runs her all-purpose Whatever Rod over the statue. And since no other cops or security guards or anything are there, I guess this is an independent Birds of Prey investigation. Only, what exactly did they respond to? Did the Delphi Clay Statue Alert go off? Reese asks if they have any idea who could have done this, and Helena says that years ago there was a "criminal mastermind" who'd had a weird reaction to the same chemical compound that was stolen "last night," which only makes it weirder that there's no one else around, and yet Helena and Reese are there and they know a particular compound has been stolen, yet no one at New Gotham Chemicals is there, and you'd think they might be concerned about a security guard being turned into clay during a robbery. Reese laughs when he hears that this particular criminal mastermind's name was "Clayface," and you'd think he'd be used to the stupid names by now. Helena says it couldn't have been Clayface, who's been locked up in Arkham Asylum for years, and at any rate he doesn't have the power to turn people into clay. And Reese keeps doing his annoying skeptical snort-laugh thing that I certainly won't miss now that this show's getting the hell out of my life for good. Helena explains that Clayface could change his appearance at will. "Just a regular old shape-shifter, huh?" says Reese. Snort-laugh. Helena's impressed that he's getting the lingo down. Barbara tells Helena that she's got all the info she needs and should "stand by for analysis." Hey, how are they communicating? Oh, good, a tight close-up of Helena's radio receiver. That explains it. Reese asks all impatiently if they're just supposed to wait, like, what is this guy's problem? Helena alludes to better ways to pass the time, and they throw smouldering looks at each other, and thankfully before they start rutting right there Barbara interrupts to say that they have to get the clay dude back to the Clocktower because he's still alive.

Back at the Clocktower (and I'm really curious as to how they transported the immobile, unbendable statue-man -- probably on the hood of Reese's car), Dinah says, "How can he possibly be alive?" and I guess she has no problem with a dude turning into clay, but it's too much to ask for her to accept that the guy might still be alive. I guess what I'm trying to get at here is shut up, Dinah. Barbara says the guy's vital signs are stable, but they don't have much time and need to come up with an antidote, like, maybe Barbara should find a cure for cancer, since she's always instantly coming up with antidotes for various abnormalities. She's going to start by running down a list of Clayface's associates to find out "who knows what" about the compound, and maybe she could ASK NEW GOTHAM CHEMICALS ABOUT ITS OWN COMPOUND. And Dinah says, looks like you're canceling your vacation, and Helena didn't even know Barbara was going to the Bahamas with Wade, and she busts on Barbara for "sacrificing" her own happiness and Barbara's all "we don't have time" and she's got a list of Clayface's associates and she's eliminating everyone who's dead or in jail, which leaves, oh! Just one name! How fortunate! His name is Will Kroner, and…hey! Turns out he's the chemist who invented the compound! What a lucky break! Helena heads off to talk to the guy, but promises they're going to finish the Wade conversation. After she leaves, Barbara glares at Dinah, who claims she didn't know it was a secret.

The notorious Dr. Kroner is exiting his building when he's grabbed and thrown up against the wall by Helena, who demands information about the robbery at New Gotham Chemicals, where the compound he invented was stolen; he doesn't know anything about the robbery, and besides, the compound was destroyed. Helena tells him about the clay man, and the scientist is shocked because the compound was never intended to have that effect, "unless the compound was ingested by someone else," and then he admits that it was years ago that he worked for Clayface and that his criminal past is behind him. And Helena wants to know, assuming she believes that, who could have taken it. And the scientist has no idea and says the compound was designed to have a specific effect on Clayface's DNA, but it would kill anybody else who drank it. And Helena ACCEPTS THIS when not thirty seconds ago the chemist said "unless the compound was ingested by someone else." Good detective work, Helena. She tells the guy to call Reese at the cop shop if his "memory returns."

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