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Again with the killing dilemma?

Commercials, including that weird Playtex one where they try to pass off that woman who's at least in her mid-twenties as being about fifteen or so telling everyone that Playtex lets you hang with your buds and wear tight jeans and stuff. Then there's that really weird commercial for a Saturn SUV where the guys are going camping and then they hear the Deliverance dueling banjos so they haul ass out of there, and this has to be the first ad campaign that's trying to sell SUVs to men by drawing on their fear of getting anally raped. Saturn: A different kind of company.

Back at the Clocktower, Barbara is blah-blahing about the clay transformation being a reaction of the epidermis resulting from skin-to-skin contact and basically doing that annoying thing this show does where it tries to pretend that the superpowers have some sort of scientific plausibility. Meanwhile, she's readying some sort of injection gun with the calcium sulfate. She asks how things went with Clayface, and Helena says the guy kept bringing up her mother, and Barbara does the "oh, I'm obviously reacting to this but trying to appear nonchalant" thing that people on television do. And she injects the guard with the antidote, and we cut away while we hear a sound effect that sounds like a balloon being rubbed. And the guy changes back and then collapses, and Barbara says they should get him to a hospital.

Later, Barbara is working away as Alfred comes in to nose about her business some more while she ignores him suggesting that she apologize to Wade. And she ignores him while she's making the deduction that every viewer made instantly, and that's that the new villain must have similar DNA since they had similar reactions, and BINGO, Clayface has a son named "Chris Cassius," and that "Cassius" joke is really annoying. And you'd think that with how often it happens that the son of a villain (or superhero, for that matter) shows up with updated powers that the Birds would have thought of it instantly. And then the Reese Alarm goes off, and Barbara does her thing where she knows exactly what's going on even though there's no indication on her monitor and she tells Helena via radio that they've "got another one."

And Helena swoops down in an alley, which Reese calls an impressive entrance, and they look at the statue, which Reese says has "obviously been moved," whatever that means, and Helena readies the antidote thing, and meanwhile, very conspicuously watching on a fire escape about ten feet away is Son of Clayface -- I mean, he's right next to them, for Christ's sake. And he gets annoyed when Helena turns the statue back into a living person, and he calls up Dr. Kroner on his cell phone and introduces himself and says they need to talk and goes clonking on up the fire escape, only Helena and Reese don't notice, AS IF, and maybe the writers could put less effort to writing pseudo-scientific explanations for the metahuman abilities and more effort into avoiding scenes like this one with a super-villain yammering away into a cell phone while stomping up a fire escape and the supposedly cat-like Huntress and the supposedly trained police officer don't notice him doing it. ["Little late for that, eh what?" -- Sars]

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