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Again with the killing dilemma?

Once again, here comes Alfred to get all up in Barbara's business about Wade. He lectures her for a moment on how much she cares for, and perhaps loves, him. "That's why I've decided to take matters into my own hands," he says. Barbara, who can't even do Alfred the courtesy of looking at him as he speaks to her, says, "Meaning what, exactly?" and just then the elevator doors open, revealing Wade, who walks in looking a little overwhelmed. Alfred, who really really needs to be fired right this second, sarcastically says that he knows it's not a good time right now, but when is? And he walks out, leaving Wade to look perturbed and trying to make sense of everything. But it really isn't a good time for Barbara, who tries to explain the Clayface situation to him, but he doesn't buy it. "Who are you?" he says, and then he stumbles out, saying he needs some time to think. After he leaves, Helena and Dinah come in all, was that your lov-ah? And Barbara says yes, but she doesn't want to talk about it. Dinah says, "This is major," and that they should talk about it, only Barbara's all, we have a JOB to do, so shut it. And Helena asks about the cameras and Barbara says she'll be conductin' thangs from the Clocktower, like, WHAT ELSE IS NEW, and I guess they somehow have installed security cameras at the fashion show -- could someone explain to me how Barbara did that? Maybe it was before she made this week's Device That Magically Neutralizes Bad Guy's Power, which this time consists of two little grey balls that…oh, screw it. Like it matters. And Helena alludes again to taking revenge on Chris. "We've been through this," says Barbara. "We don't kill. End of story." No kidding, they've been through this. The writers should listen to Barbara. "Whatever you say, Barbara," says Helena, who flounces off as Barbara makes a Face Of Great Exasperation and viewers sit on the edges of their seats, wondering if Helena will be able to stop herself from killing Chris.

We're at the fashion show. Dinah, all tarted up, patrols the room. Barbara directs her to check out some visible minority, like, nice racial profiling there. And we see Quinzel enjoying a drink at the bar. And I guess by "undercover," Barbara meant Helena would be walking the runway herself, because there she is stuffed into some boob-popping dress while Helena Kyle's Hair Explosion plays some dirty blues on her head. She wonders how she's supposed to kick ass in that get-up. "You'll figure something out," says Barbara, and asks if she sees anything unusual backstage, but Helena doesn't. Maybe if she weren't so busy checking herself out, she'd notice Chris, who's laughably hiding and skulking behind a rack of clothes. All we need is a little pizzicato violin while he creeps on his tiptoes.

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