Birds of Prey

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Daniel: D+ | 1 USERS: F
Let's get ready to bumble

Cut to a Gotham back alley, where some lowlife thug is making his escape down a fire escape, oblivious to Dinah and Helena yammering away on the street below. Dinah's making Helena promise to keep her hands off him and her mouth shut: "No backseat fighting?" says Dinah. "He's all yours," says Helena, and she peels off so Dinah can stand there all dramatic in the street as the masked thug practically runs right into her. "Give up yet?" she says. The thug is not scared at all. "Turn and run," he advises. Directly to the camera, Dinah says, "Running? I'm sorry; it's just not my style." Then she punches the camera. If you thought the show couldn't come up with a more annoying ending than the Clocktower Life-Lesson Sum-Up, you were wrong.

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Birds of Prey




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