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Let's get ready to bumble

A minor crisis like a missing superhero isn't enough to deter Alfred from serving tea; he hooks up Barbara with a little Earl Grey and asks if she's having any luck. She tells him that she discovered a drug in the woman's hair, one that affects the part of the brain that controls anger and rage. Alfred posits that the drug must be how Scarface gets the women to fight, but points out that in Helena's case the drug might be redundant. "She has trouble controlling her temper as it is," says Barbara, like, yeah, thanks so much, we all know what "redundant" means. She's fearful of what might happen to Helena with someone actively trying to make her go postal. Alfred suggests looking for an antidote, and Barbara gets right on that.

At the same time, Dinah is following in Helena's footsteps through the sewers. Barbara lets her know she's working on an antidote for the drug, so until then, Dinah should stay at a safe distance, which doesn't impress Dinah all that much, since she came all the way down there and now Barbara wants her to avoid Helena. Then she asks Barbara what happens if she can't come up with an antidote, instead of asking how Barbara at the Clocktower would even get the antidote to Dinah all the way down in Old Gotham. But Barbara says, "The longer the drug is in Helena's system, the more it'll affect her. Eventually it'll just tear her apart," when not ten seconds ago Barbara had no idea what the drug would do to Helena. No time for that, though; the Reese alarm is going off.

He's in his car, wearing a tuxedo. When Oracle calls his cell phone, he tells her he paid another visit to the guy who'd had the keycard, and this time he didn't have his lawyers with him. "It's funny how talkative a guy can get when he's hanging by his ankles out of a window," he says, like, so much for Reese always playing by the rules. Anyway, he's found out where the fight club is, and he's on his way -- without backup, since Scarface has paid off the cops. "Even the deputy commissioner's a regular," says Reese, who adds that weapons aren't allowed. Barbara's nervous about Reese heading in there, but he wants to help Huntress. "I owe her. And more," he says, whatever "and more" means. "Is there anything I can say?" asks Barbara. "I doubt it," says Reese.

Back at Fight Club, Dinah's sneaking around, ducking for cover as a couple of guards leave a room.

Meanwhile, Barbara tells Reese that he'll need a way to keep in touch, and tells him to take a left at the next light and pull over. Reese is surprised that she knows where he is, even though Helena always manages to show up where he is, and Barbara lets him in on the technological marvel that is cell phone triangulation. She tells him to roll down his window. He does so, and Alfred's there, and I'd really like to know how Alfred got out there so fast. He hands Reese a box, "compliments of Oracle." Reese opens it to find a "two-way undetectable," as Barbara calls it, so they can stay in constant contact as Reese heads underground. Reese puts it on, and I'm not sure Barbara would be so quick to call the radio "undetectable" if she saw the way this big black thing was rather conspicuously sticking out of Reese's bald head. He turns to thank Alfred, who is, of course, already gone. "Not another one!" says Reese. Heh.

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