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Back at the Clocktower, Barbara's still working on her gadget thing. Suddenly Shiva's there! And she throws a star! But just as it's about to hit her, Barbara jolts awake! And if you thought the dream sequence was annoying, it only gets worse because Dinah comes in. It seems sometime off-screen she's developed a guilty conscience over using her powers to get with Matt. Barbara sizes up the crisis as "You used your powers on a civilian. A cute civilian, but still." "Cute"? Barbara, you cougar! But Barbara -- who looks better in a tank top than any of the cougars at the bars I frequent -- is much too preoccupied to help her out, which kind of freaks Dinah out.

Back to the corner of Adams and O'Neil, with Batgirl walking -- yes, walking -- across the street. She's adapted her self-administered spinal tap gizmo to allow her to walk, and she meets Shiva. I don't get this. Did Barbara know she was going to be there? Has Shiva just been hanging out here the whole time waiting for Barbara to figure things out? "Shiva!" "Hello, Batgirl." Hello, commercials.

"I thought you died that night," says Batgirl, which gives Shiva the opportunity to say, "Part of me did" and says it was her sister who died. "She was fifteen years old, brightest eyes you've ever seen, so full of promise." You'd think maybe Shiva should have thought better of using the family apartment as her lair and everything. Even the villains don't know how to use secret identities on this show. Man, this confrontation scene sucks. Shiva says "This debt can only be repaid in blood." And Barbara APOLOGIZES. Batman would have never apologized. "Apology not accepted," says Shiva, and they fight, but it doesn't last long, as Shiva knocks Batgirl to the ground and Barbara can't seem to get up. Shiva takes Batgirl's mask off and is stunned to find out it's Barbara. "You're Batgirl?" she says. "Not anymore," says Barbara. No matter to Shiva, though, she raises her fist to finish off Barbara (like when Mr. Miyagi could have killed Kreese in The Karate Kid) but Helena drops out of the sky. And by "drops out of the sky" I mean "does that little hop thing that we only catch the tail end of but we're supposed to think she just came swooping in." And she gets her whole smirky thing going on, saying, "Bad guy, axe to grind, all the makings of a party," and you have to wonder what would make Helena move with any sort of urgency. I mean, Shiva's about to kill Barbara but still Helena can't move any faster than a saunter. And Shiva's stunned to see Helena, of course, since Helena doesn't even wear a mask at all, and she turns and runs off down the street. And Helena lets her go, which makes complete sense, since it's not like Shiva's a DEADLY KILLER or anything.

Back at the Clocktower, Barbara lays into Helena for interfering, saying she had no right. "You had no right to commit suicide!" says Helena. "It wasn't suicide!" says Barbara, who winds up breaking down and telling Helena everything about Shiva, and Shiva's sister, and ZZZZZZZZ. This whole scene is nothing but melodrama. Barbara says "I had to stand to apologize so she'd know it was real," whatever that means, and she beats herself up for making Shiva into a monster.

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