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Sorry I Killed Your Mother. We're Still Buds, Right?

Scully action figure: When did Skinner have a black son?
Daniel: How did you get in here?
Mulder action figure: We are FBI agents, you know.
Daniel: Does Jessica know you're here?
Scully action figure: Are you kidding? We slipped in the X-Files Season 4 DVD set and sneaked out. Right now she's rocking back and forth, weeping to herself. She won't notice we're missing for hours.
Mulder action figure: You got any beer?

This touching Cat Stevens moment is interrupted by Helena strutting in. "So the plan is to keep him alive until he testifies," she says, which is a pretty ingenious plan, if you ask me. It certainly beats the hell out of the "kill him before he testifies" plan. I also like how Helena's plan implies they'll let him die after he testifies. Anyway, she asks who would be trying to kill him. He immediately pinpoints Frankie Spitz, who was the only one who knew Hawke would be at the restaurant and at the safehouse. Helena makes a snide comment about the loyalty Hawke inspires, but Hawke just chalks it up to the price he pays for mentoring ambitious people. Helena tells him to stay put, and drags Reese with her to pay Spitz a visit, thus leaving Hawke completely unguarded. So much for the surveillance…

Now we're outside a club with a neon sign that simply says "New Gotham," and I have to think this lack of imagination on the writers' part is an actual running joke by this point. Reese speaks briefly to the burly bouncer before hanging out with Helena on the hood of his car. I think it's worth pointing out that the streets are still deserted, despite this being a supposedly happening club; other than the lineup to get in, there are no people on the sidewalk and absolutely no traffic. No cars, no cabs, no guys in cheap suits banging their heads in rhythm to crappy techno. Reese tells Helena that Frankie's inside, so all they do now is wait. Well, wait and tell Jesse's life story, which consists mainly of him rebelling against his dad. It seems that, when he was a teenager, he was driving his dad's car and got stopped by a cop (for some reason he doesn't explain), who, after searching the car for booze and drugs, searches the trunk and finds blood, so he slams Reese against the car and is set to read him his rights when he takes a good look at Jesse's licence and sees his last name: Hawke. Next thing Jesse knows, the cop's gone and Young Jesse's all whuh? "He was so damn scared of a sixteen-year-old kid and a name." Jesse says he couldn't fool himself any longer about who his dad was. "I couldn't live with it, either," he adds. And in case any of us missed it, he sums up his motivation thusly: "Maybe I'm still trying to find justice for whoever's in that trunk." Good luck with that!

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