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Sorry I Killed Your Mother. We're Still Buds, Right?

Back at the Clocktower, Barbara's reviewing the surveillance video of Larry Mullen Jr. cracking heads when Dinah comes in. Barbara calls her over for a heart-to-heart chat, assuring her that Hawke will pay for what he did to her mom. "There's only one way he can do that," says Dinah. Barbara's sympathetic, but gently tells her that Hawke's death won't bring her mom back, but if he turns state's evidence, they could put an end to organized crime in Gotham, which is what Black Canary wanted. Dinah seems to accept this, outwardly at least. She says she's going for a walk to clear her head, but when Barbara turns her head, Dinah removes her com set and deposits it on the Bat-knick-knack table by the door.

Back at hip club New Gotham, Frankie decides to bag the joint and struts off down the street, where he's accosted by Huntress and Reese. He asks if they're on some sort of "crimefighting date," which cracked me up. Reese asks him about the hitman he hired to do his dirty work. Frankie pretends not to know what Reese is talking about, so Reese throws him up against the nearest brick wall as Helena asks Frankie if he's considered the possibility that he might be too stupid to run a major crime family. Heh. Frankie wants to know what difference it makes to Jesse anyway, since he hates his old man, and he reveals that he asked the restaurant owner to tip Reese off about the meeting. Frankie, it seems, thought Reese might enjoy watching Daddy bleed. "The only person who's going to bleed is you!" says Reese, in a stellar comeback not unlike something an eight-year-old might come up with. They threaten to let the word out that Frankie tried to have the boss whacked. This seems to trouble Frankie somewhat.

Back at the hotel, Hawke's not so worried about staying in hiding that he can't call home to get nagged by his wife about taking his B6 vitamins. But the phone's ripped from his hands telekinetically by Dinah in the doorway, looking as menacing as a sixteen-year-old blonde chick can.

Dark alley. Frankie pacing. Huntress and Reese watching. Frankie pacing. Pacing. Pacing. Finally, Larry Mullen Jr. shows up (through a door, of course). He gripes that he doesn't like interruptions when he's working. Frankie nervously calls off the hit, but LMJ says he doesn't "do" that. He also doesn't seem to appreciate Frankie grabbing his arm: "You've been coerced. Or you're indecisive. I have no tolerance for either." And when he says he has no tolerance for it, he means it; he breaks Frankie's back and dumps him in a heap. "I don't quit. Ever," he says, to the corpse, I suppose. But Reese steps forward with his gun drawn: "You do this time!" LMJ tries to get away, but Huntress is blocking his path. "What's the matter, can't go through people?" says Reese. Guess not -- a fight ensues, with Helena and Reese tag-teaming LMJ, at least until Helena throws Larry against the wall, and he goes right through it. "Oops!" she says. "Does it always have to end with you throwing a guy against a wall?" he says. They both seem a little too nonchalant about letting the hitman go, if you ask me. Just then, Barbara calls Helena to tell her that Dinah took off without her com set -- and Barbara's worried that she's gone after Hawke. Helena says she's on it.

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