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The Origin of Feces

Barbara thinks she's revealing too much and tells her to shut up, but Helena says, "I know what I'm doing. Back off." Jake hears her, of course, and asks if she hears voices. Another wince-inducing delivery from the Huntress as she makes a face and says, "You have no idea." Then she brings up a couple of criminals she's recently delivered to the cops, which for some reason causes Jake to draw his gun and point it at an unarmed woman cuffed to a statue. "Who are you?" he asks. "I'm not your enemy," she says, and after he asks if he's supposed to believe she's a friend, she says, "I didn't say that either." She kicks the gun out of his hand, then tosses the suddenly-off handcuffs at him and…jumps, or…teleports…or something to the window. We don't see exactly what she did. "So you save people," he says, suddenly for some reason unconcerned whether she's a threat or not. "On good days," she says. "So why don't you carry any weapons?" he asks. Yeah, I've always wanted to ask that of firefighters, doctors, women's shelter workers…you get the idea. Naturally, this is just yet another contrived set-up line for this show, intended to deliver some snappy quip, but thus far yielding nothing but eye-rolling. In this case, the Huntress says (of course), "I'm the weapon." She winks and jumps out the window. Det. Jake can only watch her run away over the rooftops as he twirls the handcuffs on his fingers. Get used to this feeling, Det. Jake. Commercials.

Back at the Clocktower, Barbara chews Helena out for revealing so much to Det. Jake. Her only explanation is, "He chained me to a second-century Greek bronze. Kinda classy." Heh. Yes, I just laughed at Helena's line. Get over it. Barbara says that "there's a ticking clock" on their fourth victim, businessman Larry Ketterly. Rather conveniently, Helena knows him, since they used to live on the same block. Uh-huh. Anyway, Barbara and Helena discuss the logistics problems. They can only guard Ketterly for so long; they need to check out the dockyards, since that's their only lead on who the assassin is. Helena suggests that she guard Ketterly while Barbara checks out the dockyards, but Barbara says she doesn't like Helena in the field "without back-up," which Helena claims is actually Barbara "looking over [Helena's] shoulder." All the while, Dinah in the background is suggesting that she check out the dockyards, but the other two ignore her, until finally she explodes with, "Let me check out the damn dockyards!" Helena and Barbara look at Dinah, who acts embarrassed and tucks her hair behind her ear for maybe the 800th time this episode. This was, I guess, the comedic relief portion of the episode, only without the "comedic" part. Or, for that matter, the "relief."

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