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The Origin of Feces

Dinah's stunned at the explanation of her vision. "Why?" she asks, dramatically removing her funky glasses. "I think the Joker wanted to drive Batman mad. And maybe he did, a little," explaining that a few months later, Batman left Gotham, leaving behind everything, "even the daughter he never knew he had." A single tear rolls down Barbara's cheek. Dina Meyer more than makes up for Ashley Scott and Rachel Skarsten, if you ask me.

That daughter is now being served tea by Ketterly, who's explaining that it was his idea to buy the dockyards, but he didn't have the capital. "So I brought in partners, formed a consortium, and…" "And people started dying," finishes Helena. "Oh, you know about that," he says. Yeah, but apparently the cops have yet to make any kind of connection, which I don't buy. Then again, these are the same cops who are clueless about the whole superheroes vs. supercriminals business of Gotham City, even when they're destroying the dockyards and dropping off defeated bad guys on their doorstep. Ketterly says he's been telling himself the deaths have to be a coincidence. "Does it?" says Helena. Ketterly asks if she's shown up to protect him. Yeah, I'm sure he'd come to that conclusion. Isn't she just "Little Helena Kyle" to him?

Back at the dockyards, Dinah's made a discovery: "Someone's been here." Someone's gone to the trouble of setting up an office, complete with desk, cell phone, stapler, tape dispenser…who are they looking for, Dilbert? There's also newspaper clippings about the other dudes' deaths, scribbled on in red ink, naturally. Dinah picks up a framed picture on the desk, so she and Barbara can discover what everybody else figured out ages ago -- the killer is the man whose family portrait is in the frame: Larry Ketterly! Dun dun dun!

Since it's been revealed that Ketterly's the bad dude, it's now okay for his house to be more darkly lit, with firelight flickering creepily on his face. It's also okay for him to let his voice ratchet up into bad-guy range, as he starts in with the standard villain diatribe. He explains that under the dockyards is a piece of Gotham's history. "We lost a great leader. We're going to build an empire that will make the world tremble." Pause. "Or something like that. I was always a little fuzzy on the details. I'm more of a big-picture kind of guy." Heh. As the camera pulls back, we see Helena sitting and staring off-camera, not moving or visibly reacting at all. I like this new Helena! "But enough about me," says Ketterly. "What are you afraid of?" I'm afraid I'll never get these seventy minutes back.

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