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The Origin of Feces

Fade into Dinah telling police what happened. It's now night. Dinah explains that she didn't get a good look at CIM's face. She's being grilled by Skeptical Tubby Cop and Open-Minded Good-Looking Cop, who are both confused when Dinah says CIM didn't push the dead man. "Miss, you saw something, didn't you?" says OGC. This would be Det. Jake Reese, played by Shemar Moore. STC snorts and says, "Yeah. She saw a guy on a bench." Jake says, "Come on, Mac." STC walks away while Det. Jake does the sincere thing and gives Dinah his card and tells her to call him if she thinks of anything else. After she leaves, STC shoots Det. Jake a look, and in the ensuing conversation, we learn that Det. Jake is the cliché comic-book determined cop who knows something is going on but is one step behind finding out just what. STC mocks Det. Jake for thinking "something's prowling the night." Det. Jake gets his sarcasm on as he points out that someone freaking out and jumping in front of a truck isn't exactly routine. Yeah, must be supervillains, then. He reminds "Mac" that they've both heard the stories of strange goings-on, which Mac dismisses as "urban myths," and Det. Jake counters that "myths are just the truth a few generations later," whatever that's supposed to mean. I guess the writer thought it sounded profound. Mac makes a couple of comments about being carted off to the loony bin. As Det. Jake examines the corpse, he says, "There's something going on in this city once the sun goes down. And I intend to find out what it is."

We swoop through the CGI New Gotham to a bar. Barbara is chastising Helena (who's bartending) for not answering Barbara's call. Maybe they could find a more public location to discuss their superhero shenanigans, hey? Helena, whose one-note snottiness is already tiresome twelve minutes into the show, reminds Barbara of her shrink obligations: "Being punished for destroying city property while chasing your bad guy, remember?" Helena then sarcastically cites the "benefits" of fighting "crime lords and supervillains" (prompting a "shhh!" from Barbara): "Lousy hours, nonexistent pay, no recognition and traffic tickets." Barbara says the downside of having secret identities is the "secrecy." She then tells Helena she has to go "on sweep" tonight since there's been another death, which Helena says was "another suicide," but Barbara dismisses it, since these guys had no history of psychological problems. Barbara also somehow knows that these guys had "no reason to even consider suicide." Helena makes a crack about Barbara's "Spidey sense," so I guess even DC heroes read Marvel comics. Anyway, Helena doesn't care and encourages Barbara to have a drink, while Helena wonders why they even bother. "We do it because it's who we are," says Barbara forcefully. Helena doesn't have an answer for that, and just says her shift's over anyway. She puts on some necklace with that Birds of Prey logo and says it might be good for her to get out and "kick some ass."

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