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If I Should Fall From Grace With Claude

The opening narration is back this week, presumably just to annoy the viewers. And we also get a bit of a narration scare; after Alfred finishes up, we swoop through the CGI city and hear the sounds of somebody getting their butt kicked, and then what initially sounds like a Huntress voice-over. "Sometimes I just want to be like other girls," we hear, as she cleans a mugger's clock in a back alley. Turns out, though, she's just talking to Oracle back at the Clocktower. Oracle asks why she'd want that, since "normality's overrated." Is everybody taking notes? No? Well, pay attention, because this normality thing is going to be pounded into our heads for the next hour. As Huntress essentially toys with the mugger, she wonders aloud if having a social life is too much to ask for. Oh, and Huntress appears to be regressing as far as line delivery goes this week. "How am I supposed to meet a regular guy, when I spend all my evenings body-slamming scumbags?" This is different from the dating scene…how? She drops from the fire escape on which she's perched and knocks the mugger down. "Are you feeling okay? This doesn't sound like you," says Oracle, who, for the supposed brains of this outfit, doesn't seem to pay much attention. Did she miss the first two episodes? You know, the ones in which Huntress griped incessantly about the unbearable crumminess of being metahuman? Including a specific complaint about having to snag some lung tissue for analysis on a Friday night? What I'm wondering is how this does not sound EXACTLY like Helena? Huntress picks up the victim's wallet -- which is the size of a small piece of carry-on luggage -- tosses it back to him and complains that she can't even find anyone "decent enough to rescue," at which point it would have been totally appropriate for the victim to flip off Helena for insulting him. But he just clutches his should-be-equipped-with-wheels "wallet" and runs away.

Huntress turns back to the mugger, who has stood up and is now sticking out his tongue, so maybe Huntress will get to go on a date after all. "Okay, that's just rude!" she says, right before the mugger spits some greenish stuff at her. She twists to avoid it, but the toxic loogie nicks her jacket and burns a hole in it, as well as in the dumpster behind her. Now she's pissed: "Oh, no. You do not mess with the outfit," she says. So she busts the guy in the gut and tosses him behind a dumpster, then starts whining about how hard it is to find clothes that look sexy. I guess that explains the lace trench coat from the first episode. But we're not done yet -- the mugger comes flying back out from behind the dumpster and crashes to the ground, which Helena thinks is odd because normally bad guys don't "bounce." This guy, though, is dead. "What the hell happened to you?" says Helena, just before the bat swoops us into the opening credits, and then commercials.

At the Gotham City Keystone Kops shop, some dude wanders into the squad room. "Det. Jesse Reese?" he says. "Jesse"? Isn't it Jake? What the hell? Det. "Jesse" identifies himself, and the new dude introduces himself as Det. Claude Morton, who's just transferred from "Bludhaven," like, there's a classic comic-book name for you. "They told me upstairs that if I'm looking for the bizarre, I'm looking for Jesse Reese," he says, which Det. Jesse says doesn't sound like too much of a compliment. "It wasn't to them. It is to me," says Claude. And thus, a solid friendship is born. But since we know there can be only one cop who believes in the weird goings-on, we have to assume that Det. Claude believes because he's part of the weird goings-on. But we don't actually know that just yet. Claude says he heard that Jesse's working a case featuring a corpse "whose cause of death could charitably be called 'screamingly weird,'" adds he's tracking a serial killer with a bizarre m.o., and asks to see the file. Jesse hands it over and tells him the dead guy's name is Arnie Graves, a petty thief who "graduated from purses to wallets." In Gotham City, it seems, stealing a wallet is a more serious crime than stealing a purse. Good to know. Jesse says Graves's chest cavity was burned out with acid. "Sound like your guy?" asks Jesse. Claude's like, hard to tell. My guy never kills the same way twice. He's Snowflake Guy! Claude says Graves's death has a "certain sick flair [he's] come to associate with his work." Oh, this guy is so the killer. Jesse, who is unable to speak with any emotion other than skepticism, doesn't seem to believe Bludhaven P.D. would transfer the guy just to catch one "perp." They didn't, says Claude: "They think I'm nuts." Claude says he put in for the transfer himself when he found out about the death. He says his chief doesn't think a serial killer would use such a wide variety of methods, but Claude does, and gives some sort of speech along the lines of how it's hard when you don't know what you're looking for to see the things that are right in front of your face. It sounds more like he's telling Jesse that he wants to be more than friends. And in case you're wondering where Skeptical Mac is, Claude tells Jesse they're assigned to be partners until Skeptical Mac gets back from "vacation." There's another clue that this guy's a bad guy -- he won't be around long. Then Claude refers to himself as Mulder, Jr. Claude also once hosted The Red Shoe Diaries? Jesse finally smiles and says, "All right! Let's go track this thing down!" while Claude smiles.

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