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Why do they bother with the phony CGI shots of Huntress running across the rooftops? Her smooth, uniform motion makes it look like nothing so much as a video game. Anyway, when Jesse said, "Let's go track this thing down," I guess he wasn't in any sort of hurry or anything, since he's now leaving work. Huntress drops to the street, startling Jesse. "How high was that?" he says, looking up. "What, ten stories?" She's all, no way, dude! Five, tops! She walks away, expecting him to follow, but when he doesn't, she has to turn and jerk her head. She's come to find out if he knows anything about a guy "with a big ol' acid hole in his chest." Jesse is reluctant to share, even though Huntress says she just wants to help. She wants to wager some coffee on who solves the case first. Jake won't, and he's acting snitty because she still won't tell him her name. She says, my name's Huntress. Say my name, bitch! He just crabs about how that's not good enough, but when he turns around, she's vanished, and he's left to ponder the lack of imagination of the set designers, who have included some…lightbulb store, I guess…simply called "Bulb." Jesse makes his befuddlement face.

Back at the Clocktower, Dinah asks if Barbara has found out anything about "Acid Guy," and the "guy" appellation I guess is going to be a running joke on this show. Barbara says the sample of the acid she took from Helena's clothes is exactly the same as the stuff that killed him, so he was killed by the exact same stuff he produced. Barbara says two metahumans "hardly ever" have the same power. Nice use of "hardly ever" as an escape hatch to explain away future continuity problems. "So, what, Acid Guy ran into another Acid Guy who just so happened to be behind the dumpster? How likely is that?" she asks. I love when sci-fi shows do this. One guy spits acid, that's no problem. But two? Impossible! Dinah floats the possibility of an evil twin, but Helena shoots that down. Then, in the next thirty seconds, the word "metahuman" is used about forty times, as Barbara suggests talking to someone "who knows the metahuman community better than anyone," but for some reason Helena doesn't want to, so she suggests that Barbara do it. But Barbara won't, because she says this guy won't give any information to non-metahumans, so Helena reluctantly agrees to go down to a place called "No Man's Land." Dinah's excited about this place and wants to know if there will be other metas there, and if she can go. Barbara's answer: "Yes, and not on a school night."

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