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If I Should Fall From Grace With Claude

Back at Gibson's Metahouse, people are drinking and using their powers to cheat at pool. Hustler Guy's hooked behind the eight ball, but he makes it disappear and sinks his shot. "Hey, you gotta call that, man!" says Gibson, which I thought was pretty funny. Ostensibly throwaway shot of Frosty knocking off for the night. Helena says she has to go as well, but as she's about to get on the elevator, she runs into Dinah getting off. Helena, for some reason, thinks she's an excellent one to lecture Dinah on following the rules, and proceeds to lay into her for skipping school. She also wants to know how Dinah found the place: "Have you been poking around in my mind again?" she asks, so I guess we're supposed to think Dinah does that a lot. Anyway, Dinah says she found the place in the Yellow Pages. As for the secret entrance? Well, Helena asks about that, and because these two are such good actresses, she says, "What about the…" and actually pauses so Dinah can interrupt her with "...secret entrance?" only she came in late with her line. Nice work, ladies. Anyway, Dinah says she saw someone coming out of the secret entrance.

Okay, at this point, I would just like to say that if the writers of the show want us to buy this premise that the general public isn't aware of what's going on in the superhero world, maybe they could have the characters be a little less cavalier about the secret stuff. We've got the non-masked Huntress; lame, improvised cover stories; and a secret club with a secret entrance, but no one's too concerned about anybody just walking in and seeing them.

Dinah says she isn't fitting in at school, which Helena says is hard to do when you're not actually there. She takes Dinah's arm again and says she's taking her back to school because she's not going to be responsible for Dinah getting in trouble. "Technically, skipping is truancy," says Dinah, WHATEVER THAT MEANS. Helena asks if something happened in school today, but Dinah says, "Not exactly," just that she thought things would be different at the new school, but she can already see it's going to be the same as home. "Newsflash: it's high school, the closest thing our society has to institutionalized torture," says Helena. Big help she is. Dinah makes the not-unreasonable point that she doesn't need high school anyway, what with her planning to be a superhero and all. Helena makes the ridiculous statement that she'll need algebra to have a normal life. I can't remember the last time I used algebra in my life. More blah-blah from Helena about how Dinah can still have a normal life, as "being a meta isn't all that it's cracked up to be." Really? I'm shocked at Helena. She seemed to be so happy as a metahuman! Nary a word of complaint?

Over at New Gotham Police, Claude fills in Det. Jesse. "They call themselves metahumans, but the real word for what they are is 'dangerous.'" Det. Jesse is currently in skeptic mode, though, as he disbelievingly reiterates the rules of meta-ness as we know them: no two metas having the same powers, et cetera. He's not buying Claude's assertion that metas are everywhere. "So what you're telling me is that there's this whole subculture right underneath our noses? Come on, man. How is that possible?" I like to ask Jesse whether he'd say the existence of a subbacultcha is more or less possible than, oh, say, a guy who turned himself into water and drowned two of Jesse's colleagues and almost drowned Jesse. And isn't it Jesse who reminded his partner about the weird stories they've heard, and how there's "something going on" in the city at night? Claude levels with him, and starts talking like a cheesy voice-over. He explains that, "a generation ago," there was a "vigilante who prowled New Gotham nights." This would be Batman, true hero and total non-wuss. And Jesse is not having the Batman thing at all, simply because he doesn't think someone would fight crime in a costume. I find Jesse's on-again skepticism really annoying right here, because A) how does Jesse not know anything about Batman, and B) A GUY TURNED HIMSELF INTO WATER AND DROWNED TWO OF JESSE'S COLLEAGUES AND ALMOST DROWNED JESSE. "It's safe to say he had issues," says Claude, who adds the point that Batman attracted criminals since it was prestige thing to fight him, and Claude says metahumans are drawn to crime. Claude says Batman left seven years ago, but the metahumans stayed and settled, raised families, and so on. And that's the true meaning of Thanksgiving. I mean, what? All that in seven years? "Some even married humans," says Claude. And that's going to wind up being the most subtle bit of dialogue regarding this thinly veiled allegory of racial segregation and religious persecution. "You don't even want to know how screwed up those kids are," says Claude. Well, based just on Huntress, he may have a point there. Anyway, Jesse apprises Claude with the look of a non-believer. "You know what I'm talking about, Reese, I can tell," says Claude, practically whispering. Reese tells him about Huntress and says she's no criminal, but Claude offers up the particularly annoying argument, favoured by those everywhere seeking to eradicate civil liberties, that those who have done nothing wrong have nothing to hide. And the seed of doubt is planted in Reese's mind, since Helena usually shows up when there's a dead body. Dude, so do you! "Well, maybe we'll get lucky and another one will turn up," says Claude.

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