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If I Should Fall From Grace With Claude

Over at No Man's Land, Gibson has done such a good job of warning the metahuman community to lay low that his bar is packed. Dinah shows up, and Gibson buttonholes her with some speech about how she's obviously looking for "safe harbour" in a sea of societal misunderstandings, et cetera, which makes Super-Brain Dinah look confused and say, "Excuse me?" "Why are you here?" he says. She tucks her hair behind her ear and says, "Well, my friend Helena --" and again with the long pause as she waits for Gibson to deliver his line, and five hours later he says, "The delectable Huntress sent you? With a message for me, perhaps?" She says no and that Helena doesn't know she's there, which makes it all the weirder that she brought up Helena in the first place. He offers her a free drink, and over pool plies her with some pillow talk about how he opened the bar as a haven for metahumans. Which makes it kind of funny that his security is nonexistent -- witness Barbara arriving via the elevator directly behind the pool table. "Dinah," she says. "Isn't it a school night?" Dinah makes her gee-whiz face.

Elsewhere, Reese is trying to work out the real story with Huntress, since she did save his life and all. Nice that he finally thinks of that. It's Claude's opinion that it's convenient for her because now she has "a cop in the pocket." He calls metahumans "creatures" again, and says it's all about survival. Then his headache kicks in as a bus pulls up to the curb beside them. It's Helena on the roof; she leaps to the ground and shoves Reese out of the way as she proceeds to kick the tar out of Claude, who isn't mimicking her powers this time. "Afraid that Reese here is going to see that you're a thing?" She grabs him by the throat and pins him to the wall. "Reese, stop her, she's crazy!" Reese, forced to make a split-second decision between flirty hot girl who's saved his life a couple of times already and weird new partner about whom he knows nothing, pulls his gun on Helena. "Let him go! Or I'll shoot!" he says. He and Helena glare at each other. Unless you want to believe the WB is limiting the Birds of Prey series to just three episodes, it's hardly likely Reese going to shoot, now is it? If they want to improve these cliffhanger scenes, they should freeze-frame and have Waylon Jennings say something like, "Well, shucks. Seems like Helena's in a whole mess of trouble this time. But don't y'all go anywhere, 'cause she just might have a trick or two left up her sleeve," just like he used to do on The Dukes of Hazzard. ["Waylon's dead, baby. Waylon's dead." -- Sars]

Back from commercials, Claude is still yelling "shoot her!" at Reese. "You gonna pull that trigger? He's the killer you've been looking for!" Jesse points out, not unreasonably, that she's the one attacking Claude, but then adds, a little injudiciously, "You are one of those metahuman creatures." She drops Claude and walks over to Reese, inviting him to shoot her if he thinks he can hit her. "You're right, I'm not like you. Does that make it right for you to shoot me?" she says. Well, we're going to have to think about that for a while, since this show is presenting so many shades of grey here. But naturally, Jesse drops his gun and says, "No. No, it doesn't." And that's…one to grow on.

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