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Helena taps Reese on the shoulder. Surprised to see her, he asks if she tracked the killers there, and she informs Reese that she tracked him, found him, and stopped him, like, brag about it, why don't you. "Nice work," he says, asking what the guy was after, and she says, "A girl," and he says, "Let me guess: Helena Kyle," and I say, "Oh, Christ, just get ON with it please," and she says "yes" and he says, "Well who is she?" and she says "me" and he says, "What?" and I start sobbing uncontrollably, and she says, "I'm Helena Kyle." He's stunned. "Now you know." He laughs and wonders why she's telling him this now, and she offers up some blah blah about how, when he says "nice work," it means something to her, and she's realized that his opinion is the only one she cares about. So Reese, brilliant policeman that he is, says, so this is your reunion? And she shows him her "Hello. My name is Helena Kyle" nametag, and he laughs. He takes it from her and pins it on her chest like a man who knows he can seal the deal tonight. And he asks what she's been up to for the past five years, and she explains that she's a bartender by day and a metavigilante by night. "A bartender, huh," says Reese, and Helena says, "A really good one," and Reese says, "I bet you would be." And they smile at each other for about five hours, oblivious to all the viewers yelling "just do it already" at them.

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Birds of Prey




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