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Over at the police impound lot, Helena and Darkstrike are examining the car for anything the police might have missed. So...the police couldn't find anything, then they impounded the victim's car? Could the writers of this show put down the damn crack pipes for two seconds? Well, Helena's looking, anyway, with some sort of green light thing. Darkstrike's mostly bitching that he can't find anything and he feels ineffectual, so Helena tells him she knows how he feels, and relates the story of her mom getting stabbed in front of her, and how she couldn't do anything about it since her nails were still setting. "It changes you, huh?" says Darkstrike. It changes the way you look at life, changes the way you love people, if you love people..." Helena makes some ridiculous statement to the effect that not many people know what it's like to hide from things that might hurt them. No, only superheroes go through that, Helena. Darkstrike says it's weird that they can deal with by using code names and kicking ass. "It's like we become someone else," he says. Helena opens her mouth to say something -- presumably, "Hey, are you the Crawler?" -- but we cut really quickly...

...back to the Clocktower the next day, where Barbara is telling Helena and Darkstrike that there are some "distinctive pollen signatures" on the victim's hair, and that she'll figure it out soon enough, and here's a big ol' "whatever" to that. Darkstrike says he's tired of waiting and buggers off, giving Helena an eyebrow-raise and a smile as he goes. Dinah sees Helena checking him out and rolls her eyes. Heh. "Well, I think Darkstrike's great. You should really forget about Reese and go for him," Dinah says, making Helena go "excuse me?" and Dinah pretends she's only talking about them being crime-fighting partners since they have so much in common, and here we go again with that. "It is kind of nice not having to hide anything, just being myself, knowing he isn't hiding anything from me," she admits, saying that things are easier with Darkstrike than they are with Reese. "Maybe that's the way it should be..." she says, looking off into the distance, with Dinah looking off-camera too, but in a totally different direction, like she's thinking, "Are we done yet?' as Helena finishes, "...easy."

Speaking of big ol' whatevers, how about this one: Barbara radioing Helena to tell her the "amalgamation of spores and pollens suggest a specific combination of plants." Uh huh. Naturally, there's only one place in Gotham you can find those plants, and, eureka, Amy's being held in an abandoned caretaker's building in the old Gotham arboretum. I'd like to know how Oracle knows that, but whatever. "Dinah's on her way," she says. Uh, and Darkstrike? Remember him?

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Birds of Prey




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