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Back at the Clocktower, Barbara's telling Dinah she doesn't think there's any permanent damage. "I think you're just overloaded by the power of the girl's trauma," says Barbara. Dinah says nothing like that ever happened to her before, but Barbara reminds her that her powers are getting stronger. Helena asks what Dinah saw. "It's hard to describe," she says. She saw the Crawler's face, which she calls "empty" and "hopeless." She says the girl was terrified, but knows something important about the Crawler: "I can feel it; I just don't know what it is." Speaking of something important, Dinah says nothing about seeing Darkstrike in the vision. Barbara says she got a decent DNA sample from the blood on the window and will analyse it for any weaknesses they can use against him. Dinah shudders at the fact the Crawler's still out there, because "he's evil." "Tell me about it, look what he did to my favourite shirt!" says Helena, giving her an excuse to flash some tit through a fresh rip on her shirt. She says she's going to go home to change. Barbara advises her to get some sleep, because she'll need it.

Over at New Gotham Police, Reese is on the phone. "Okay, you're sure it was the same MO? Young woman, romantic relationship, abducted and then killed?" He says something's weird, then says, "All right, thanks, man. I owe you big." Reese hangs up and makes his Concerned Face.

Back at the Bates Motel...I mean New Gotham Hotel, Darkstrike comes into his hotel room to discover someone has written "Your girlfriend is next" in red letters with really bad penmanship, many times above his bed. He does his utmost to convince the single last person watching this show who hasn't figured it out yet that he's very shocked.

So Helena lives above the bar? She returns to...let's call it New Gotham Bar, which is long past closed, stools up on tables. Something trips her Spidey-sense, though, and she scans the room, and almost knocks Darkstrike's head off after he startles her by putting his hand on her shoulder. He warns her that the Crawler wants to kill her, which she shrugs off: "So another bad guy wants me dead. Take a number." But Darkstrike's really concerned. "You don't understand. He knows where you live, and he's coming to get you," says Darkstrike. "Okay, okay, we'll face him together," she says.

Back at the Clocktower, a big computer screen shows a strand of DNA splitting in two. "Is DNA supposed to do that?" says dingbat Dinah. Barbara's looking at cells underneath a microscope, saying it doesn't make sense: "It's so unstable; it can't decide what it wants to be." The show's going to keep us in "suspense" as to the significance of that for now, though, as the Reese alarm goes off, and Dinah and Barbara look at each other in consternation, for some reason.

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Birds of Prey




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