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Reese has apparently decided that Huntress will arrive more quickly if he waits for her on a street corner, but he's watching the sky in vain. A nearby pay phone rings. Reese cautiously picks it up. It's Barbara, who identifies herself as "an associate of Huntress." Reese says, "Wait a minute. You're the voice, aren't you? The invisible friend, whoever it is that she's talking to all the time. Huh. That's funny, I always figured you for a guy." Barbara's all, whatever, you sexist pig, what do you want? Dinah rolls her eyes. Reese says he talked to a friend of his with the Central City PD, who told him about a series of killings that match the Crawler's MO. "You found something new on the killings?" says Barbara. "Well, actually, I found something strange," he says, telling her that about a year ago, a girl was killed in a pattern consistent with the Crawler's murders, but this time there were two bodies: the girl, and a white male in his twenties, who was never identified. Because of the extra body, the case was never filed with the others. He says that all the evidence at the crime scene pointed to the dead guy as the murderer of the girl. "But that would mean the Crawler's dead," says Barbara. Then, like a lightbulb just went off, she thanks Reese and tells him she'll tell Helena. She hangs up the phone and asks Dinah if, when she looked into Amy's mind, if she saw any images of Darkstrike. Only now does Dinah bother to say there was a flash of Darkstrike's face jumbled in with everything else. "But that's impossible," says Barbara, and Dinah wants to know what's up. "She was kidnapped by the Crawler. Helena rescued her. When did she see Darkstrike's face?" Dinah looks like she still doesn't understand what everyone else figured out ages ago.

Back at the bar, Darkstrike's way too fascinated by the idea that Helena lives in an apartment above the bar. She makes a stupid joke about a short commute and then offers to buy him a drink. She turns her back, and we watch his apparently painful (and noisy, too, but Helena doesn't seem to hear it despite standing right next to him) transformation into the Crawler. "I'd love one," he says, clonking her on the back of the head with a liquor bottle, which is the cue for Oracle to yell futilely into the transceiver of an unconscious Huntress that she really, really, really needs to get away from Darkstrike. Commercials.

Maybe since the transceiver thing didn't rouse her, Barbara decided to try the pay phone on a wall of the bar. It's ringing, and Helena wakes up. She sees that her extra-special Huntress collar has been removed, which could blow her secret identity! While she struggles to free herself, Darkstrike has a rather calm conversation with his Crawler reflection in the mirror. "I won't let you kill her," he says. "You're going to have to kill me first," he says, but the Crawler says that'd be too easy, then he lays on the ol' "You let your fiancée die" guilt trip: "You don't deserve to love again, not for a moment. And you never will!" Helena starts yelling things like, "You're stronger than he is!" which inspires Darkstrike so much that he changes back into the Crawler then and there, and starts yammering on about what a fraud Darkstrike is and how he's got blood on his hands. "Hers, and mine," he says, confusing Helena.

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Birds of Prey




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