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Back at the Clocktower, Helena stomps in, clearly peeved. "Good, you're back, I was going to call you," says Barbara. "I know what you're going to say. I was too harsh on Mystery Superhero Boy, right?" says Helena. She then goes off on a rant about this guy swooping in out of nowhere and butting into her fight, and it's quite funny to see the way she reacts to being treated exactly the same way she streets Reese. "Who does this guy think he is?" Helena concludes. Barbara points out that Mystery Superhero Boy is right behind her. Barbara introduces him as "Darkstrike, an old friend," who's in New Gotham on a case. "Looks like we'll be working together," Helena says. Darkstrike offers his hand to Helena, who ignores it, pastes on a fake smile, says, "great, great" and with the same ultra-phoney smile turns to Barbara and says, "Oracle. A word?" like how rude is Helena, anyway? Barbara asks Darkstrike to excuse them, and he obliges. Helena says, "What's this guy got?" and Barbara slyly says, "What's he got where?" which I thought was pretty funny, but it's Darkstrike's metahuman package that Helena's interested in. Barbara lists it off: speed, strength, agility, enhanced hearing and sight: "A lot like you, actually." The "enhanced hearing" makes Helena nervous. "Oh, don't worry, he won't listen in. It's not really polite," says Barbara, with "politeness" a concept unfortunately lost on Helena.

Here to ruin my night is Dinah, who strolls up wanting to know who the "gorgeous guy" is. Helena just says, "Don't get used to him," and Barbara just makes her "Oh, Helena" face and neither actually does Dinah the courtesy of answering her question. Undeterred, Dinah decides to go be "friendly" and skips over to flirt with Darkstrike. Barbara and Helena continue to discuss Helena's new-found hatred for men "as a species" and how difficult it may be for her to work with Darkstrike, who's "definitely a guy," according to Barbara, and between that and her "what's he got where" comment, you kind of have to wonder what Barbara's not telling us. She does say that Darkstrike's a really good fighter; the case he's working on is a bad one, involving a guy named the Crawler, who abducts and kills women, so Helena "might want to team up" with him.

Over in the corner, Statutory Rape Guy is saying to Dinah, "Wow, you have her eyes" as we discover that they're talking about the Black Canary, whom Darkstrike says he fought alongside once when he was barely a kid. "We all mourned when we heard the news," he says, referring to her so-called demise. And how sad is it that Dinah has no problem being upset when she's talking to a cute guy. And she does do a decent job of going all doe-eyed. They're interrupted by Barbara asking if he needs a place to stay, followed up by Dinah and Helena arguing about whether he can stay there. Helena says he'd probably be uncomfortable with "all the girl talk," and at the prospect of being subjected to conversations on topics along the lines of the Birds being "in sync," if you know what I mean, Darkstrike tells them he's staying at a hotel. An alarm goes off. "Reese's triggered the Batring," says Helena. "Who's triggered the what?" says Darkstrike, which I thought was pretty funny. Dinah fills him in on the fact that Helena sometimes works with Reese: "They sort of act like there might be something going on, but they never do anything about it. It's really complicated," drawing a confused look from Darkstrike and a sharp "Dinah! Thank you!" from Helena, and I thought that was pretty funny too. The computer reveals that Jesse's calling from a park, at the same time a police report lets them know a girl's been abducted. Darkstrike looks at Helena. "So, you got plans for the evening?"

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