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Back at the park, a tall blonde in a short skirt says hello to Jesse. "Lynn," he says with mild surprise. "What are you doing down here?" "The joys of being an assistant D.A. You're the one who gets the page in the middle of the night." In other words, it makes TOTAL SENSE that she'd be there, despite Reese's surprise and her clunky exposition. Their conversation ("how you been?" "Good, I'm good") seems to indicate that they know each other in more than just a professional sense. Maybe even biblical. She tells him she's overseeing the case, then asks if he minds if she has a look around, and I can't say I think she needs his permission.

Helena, coming through the trees towards the scene, spots Lynn and Jesse talking, and pauses, wondering what's going on, despite the fact that the two of them look incredibly awkward with each other. Darkstrike follows her, telling her he's been all around "the perimeter" and didn't find any tire tracks or footprints, and it's quite a sad commentary on the Gotham police that these two vigilantes were skulking around the scene of a violent assault and the cops didn't notice. Darkstrike follows Helena's line of sight and sees Reese helping Lynn over to the crime scene. Darkstrike asks if Helena wants to know what Reese is saying. At first, Helena seems intrigued, but then she thinks better of it. She tells Darkstrike, "Look, I don't need your help with Reese, or anything." She says it not unkindly; he says something along the lines of "I thought you two were..." and Helena disabuses him of that notion, characterizing her and Reese's relationship as "strictly business." She asks what he can tell her about the Crawler. "Everything. I've been tracking him for years," says Darkstrike. "Everything," it seems, but how to actually catch the guy. He says he's got a list of info on disks back at the hotel that he wants Oracle to have a look at, since she might be able to spot something he's missed. Of course, this forces one to ask why he didn't bring the stuff to Oracle already, when he visited her to talk about working on the case. Helena suggests swinging by the hotel after they talk to the cops, but Darkstrike's shy, saying he doesn't get along well with the police. "They always want to know my name and tell me to stop beating on the bad guys," he says, because there's one person left out there in TV Land who doesn't get that this guy's supposed to be the male version of Huntress. They decide he'll do another "sweep" while Helena talks to Reese, and then meet back at the hotel.

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Birds of Prey




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