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Back to Lynn and Reese, who might as well be talking to a blue screen for all the spark between the two of them. Lynn tells Reese to keep her posted, since "there's going to be a lot of pressure coming down on this one; pretty girl, midnight abduction, it's going to be ugly." Reese, instead of saying, "Well, it's a good thing she was white, otherwise we might not have bothered to make an effort, huh?" just tells her he'll call her if they find anything out. Then Lynn calls Reese "Jesse" and gives him a seductive look and tells him he can call her even if they don't find out anything.

Reese does his weird sigh-grimace thing where you have no idea what emotion he's supposed to be portraying, and gets back to work searching this ridiculous park set, where he's surprised by Helena. "Why do you always have to do that?" Reese says, and Helena says there's no place to knock. Reese is startled when he sees Darkstrike skulking about and pulls his gun, but Helena tells him to relax, since the guy's just a "co-worker" who was "just leaving." Sure enough, Darkstrike's already gone. Reese fills Helena in on what he knows. The abductee is Amy Harris, seventeen years old. "We don't have a whole lot to go on," he says. Helena tells him it might be a guy from Central City named the Crawler, and that she'll get him a description. Reese says he could really use a hand with this one. "That's why I'm here," she says. She notes that it seems like he's got all the extra hands he needs. She backs off on that when Reese says, "What was that?" She asks instead how McNally's doing, and he tells her McNally's supposed to get out of the hospital soon. Helena still can't leave it alone and says it looks like he and his new partner have things under control, momentarily confusing him, until he realizes she's talking about Lynn. He explains that she's from the D.A.'s office, and that she's tried some cases he's brought in. Helena does her best to appear merely curious when she says, "You two must work well together." Reese says they have a lot in common since "this whole thing about upholding the law kind of works for her too." Helena laughs and says, "Yeah, well, too bad criminals don't always play by the rules," which is a really tired attitude from her at this point, and I also submit that by definition criminals never play by the rules, and that in fact is what makes them criminals, so if Helena wants to drop that as an excuse that'd be nice. As they look at the crime scene, Reese says he's going to go to a psychologist to get a profile done on the killer.

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Birds of Prey




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