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Did That Shapeshifting Alien Bounty Hunter Guy ever open his mouth on The X-Files? I don't remember. But here he has an intimate dinner laid out and he's pouring wine. His voice all gravelly, he says, "Isn't this romantic?" Amy -- bound, gagged and whimpering -- apparently doesn't think so. "You're so young, so beautiful. I want you to know why I brought you here. I watched you there in the car with your boyfriend. You're in love." He holds up a knife. "And love, must die." Ugh. Two words to the writers: "second draft." Commercials.

Later, we're at exactly the same building where Helena met Reese for the first time, with the exactly the same helicopter flying around with exactly the same searchlight outside. Apparently, what once was a businessman's apartment is now a hotel. Helena's rudely letting herself in, yelling, "Darkstrike?" like, hope you don't blow his cover to anyone at the hotel, there, Helena. She says she'd have knocked, but she never knocks. She's shocked by what she sees inside: a ransacked hotel room. Her eyes go cat, and she contacts Oracle to tell her the room's been trashed. She sees a lump under the sheets on the bed and says, "Is that a body?" drawing attention to it and thereby letting everyone know it will not in fact turn out to be a body. Someone's coming! It's just Darkstrike, who enters his hotel room and turns around in a really strange and awkward manner so that he can contrivedly not see his wrecked hotel room before he sees Huntress. She says, "I think the Crawler's been here." He looks around, sees the damage, then strides over to the bed with Helena in tow. Pulling back the covers, they see a mannequin with a ponytail, red writing all over its body. "He's got the girl and he's going to kill her like all the others," says Darkstrike, explaining to a confused Helena that the Crawler leaves all kinds of evidence to taunt Darkstrike, to challenge him. "It's his way of connecting to me," Darkstrike says. "He dares me to find him, and when I do, he makes me watch her die." Helena wants to know "why" instead of saying, "Man, sounds like you're a fairly ineffectual superhero, aren't you?" Darkstrike says he tracked the Crawler for a couple of years in Central City, profiling him, "getting inside his head" (take note, those of you who have no idea where this plot is going), and he was "this close" to nailing the guy when his fiancée was abducted. "It took me three days to find her, and when I did, he was waiting for me and he killed her in front of me." He snatches the ponytail from the mannequin, saying the Crawler always leaves behind evidence for him, but he always arrives moments too late. "I've never been able to stop him," he says. Helena -- impressed, I hope, that someone actually wants to stop crime instead of just beating up men -- says, "We'll stop him."

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Birds of Prey




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