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Requiem for a Hag
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Previously: the tribes swapped, leaving not nearly enough buffer zone between Phillip and Corinne for anyone's comfort. Chafing under the thumb of Stealth R Us, Corinne looked at Michael, decided he was a precious little ceramic figurine of homosexuality that she wanted for her very own, and began to make backup plans. This led to conflict when it came to last Tribal Council, where Julia was revealed to have been merely a ghost spotted by the fire one night, and when the tribe spoke her name in unison, she disappeared into thin air. Oh, and at some point after losing the immunity challenge, Phillip informed Cochran that he meant to do that.

Currently: the Bikal tribe returns from TC and takes turns congratulating Michael for not being the Fan they decided to cut loose. Corinne takes credit, in her interview, for making sure Michael stayed around. "I made sure I got The Gay," she says, because she's apparently reeeeeally committed to making this "I love dehumanized stereotypical traits way more than actual people" thing happen. Beyond this wildly offensive BS, I also have to deal with the fact that Corinne looks like Bethenny Frankel from Real Housewives, and I like Bethenny Frankel, but I am also having far too easy a time imagining Bethenny saying this same kind of "I love nothing better than A Gay" stuff, which is really crossing my wires and making me think bummer thoughts. ANYWAY, enough about Corinne and her one-woman, faceless Pride parade. Phillip pulls Corinne and Dawn aside ("like an ADD kid," Corinne interviews) to make sure that they know that losing that immunity challenge was completely on purpose, an ingenious plot he came up with once the challenge had begun. He also manages, in that very Phillip way of his, to make it sound like Corinne was an idiot for not realizing it while it was happening. He's so very much the worst of humanity. In her interview, Corinne's eyes are practically in her interviewer's lap, is how much she's bugging about this happy horseshit. After Phillip leaves them, Corinne and Dawn look at each other and are like, "...Why even is he?" Corinne interviews that this kind of instability, right here, is a prime reason why Phillip needs to go.

After the break, it's the next morning, and Bikal takes advantage of some Michael-free time to chat. Corinne opines that none of the Fans besides Michael have a brain, which she knows because ... how? Not saying she's not right, necessarily, but she's flying blind here. Even Phillip manages to say that they won't know until they talk to them firsthand. But Phillip says that once the merge happens, they all have to be "hyper-viligant" [sic] and avoid "one-off" conversations with the Fans, since they'll be looking to make deals. This speaks to Dawn's particular insecurity, as she interviews that it was right at this stage of the game in South Pacific that Cochran turned on their alliance. It doesn't seem like Dawn's obsessing on this because she fears Cochran will flip again, but rather that last time, she knew about it and didn't tell anyone, and it ended up spelling her doom. She's emotional to the point of weepy at the thought of things falling apart again. Dawn's done this a lot this season, the crying, and it's naturally going to rub people the wrong way. It can't help but come across as disingenuous to ruthlessly slash your way through the game and then make a big show of feeling so sad about it afterwards. But I do feel bad for Dawn. I think she's a crier and can't really help that, and I think she comes by her empathy honestly. Part of it, of course, is that she's dealing with both wanting to win and wanting to be liked at the same time, and at some point, the best Survivor players realize that that only happens if you don't beg for it. Anyway. Dawn. She's come too far and needs the money for her family (six kids!) too much to repeat her mistakes of the past. "Last time I let my game go to heck," she says. Oh man. If she really is "playing the mom" here, she's playing it to perfection.

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