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Then shit gets real. Chalky answers a knock on his warehouse doors to find one of his men with his throat freshly slit. Before Chalky even has time to process this, the hooded Klan members in the car in the driveway begin opening fire with their mounted machine gun. Inside the warehouse, it's carnage, with bottles broken and workers slaughtered. The Klansmen then enter the warehouse with rifles, looking for survivors. One approaches Chalky, who's been knocked to the ground. The Klansman makes a pledge to "purity, sobriety, and the white Christian's Jesus" and is about to pull the trigger when a woman fires at him. She's killed for her trouble, but Chalky survives as the second one of those cowards is shot, they begin to retreat. As they drive away, Chalky picks up a rife and stalks out to the driveway. He sizes the car up, and shoots one of the men in the neck as they ride away. There's no satisfaction in this for Chalky, but at least he got one.

Margaret is at home, struggling with a disobedient Teddy and a crying baby as Nucky returns home from his night out. Margaret is clearly off-put by Nucky's carousing but she doesn't address it directly. She instead informs Nucky that Teddy was struck by the nun at school. Nucky offers little sympathy, nor any apologies for being out all night. It was important business whoring, okay! He kisses up on her, and she's placated, and he goes to catch up on his sleep.

At the new beachside home of Jimmy and Angela Darmody, Angela is trying to cook breakfast while Gillian frustrates the hell out of her by playing the "I know how my son likes his eggs" game. Jimmy wants to take young Tommy out shooting today, but Angela, ever the wet blanket about shooting things, objects. Gillian says Jimmy was younger than Tommy when he went out shooting with Nucky as a kid. Poor Angela and her sad haircut get no support. After Jimmy leaves the room, Angela tells Gillian not to mom-block her like that. Gillian's like "I would never!" But boys will be boys after all. And then -- are you ready to get freaked out? Gillian tells Angela, "When Jimmy was a baby and I'd change his diaper, I used to kiss his little winkie." That's a special lady, right there.

At the Post Office, where Van Alden is running his operation, we see he's got two brand new underlings to replace Agent Sebso. Agents Sawicky and Clarkson, I wish you luck in avoiding Sebso's fate and advise you to limit the field trips you take with your boss. Sawicky and Clarkson are currently wrassling on the floor as Van Alden enters with his wife. Van Alden tells his underlings to shape up, then introduces them to the Mrs. -- making sure to note that Agent Sawicky is "of Polish stock." They hand Mrs. VA a pamphlet which intends to offer a tour of the more Jesus-friendly areas of Atlantic City. Oh, totally.

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