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CHICAGO. Al Capone is speaking to a man looking to see Johnny Torrio. Al explains that Torrio is dealing with an ear-ache and tries to stall for him. The guy, one George Remus, implies that Capone is nothing but a laundry boy for Torrio, which doesn't sit well with Capone and which will obviously be a thing for Capone this season. The fun thing about this conversation is that George Remus talks about George Remus in the third person, which just confuses the hell out of Capone. When Torrio finally emerges, Remus makes his pitch: he's from Cincinnati, and he's got enough whiskey to supply Torrio entirely, plus a lot more. Capone says they want easy business, no blood on the floor. George Remus owns the distilleries, George Remus owns the pharmacies, George Remus owns the trucks that hijack his own liquor, the clever bastard. Capone thinks they should be in business with THAT guy. Torrio doesn't get the joke. Remus continues that Cincinnati is a lot closer to Chicago than Atlantic City is. "...And who likes Nucky Thompson anyway?" Seems Remus has an old grudge against Nucky for overcharging him for phone calls during a stay at his hotel, seemingly years ago. Looks like George Remus has a deal. After he leaves, Torrio tells Capone to go to Atlantic City, see Nucky, and tell him things have changed. Capone wonders if he's just been given more laundry work.

Back in AC, Nucky and his fellow captains of local politics are dividing up the NJ map so they can sell the land that these new roads will be opening up. They're "land barons of barren land." After getting one contractor to pass them bribe money, Nicky adds the cash to his secret stash and marks it in his secret ledger. Eddie Kessler comes with news of the Chalky shooting. Of course, by now the news has become "Chalky White has shot a Klansman," which is about as depressing as you can imagine. Nucky tells Eddie to call Eli. He already has.

Mr. and Mrs. Van Alden ride the bicycle sleighs down the boardwalk, as Nelson talks about the touristy elements of the city. A hotel shaped like an elephant! The Mrs. is too distracted by the baby-incubator window to pay attention. She's both mildly horrified, as she is by everything in this city, and also captured by longing for the baby she can't have. She should totally talk to Nucky. Speaking of whom, Van Alden stares down Nucky as he passes by. He then changes the subject, telling his wife of a soda fountain that sells potato cakes called "kor-nishes," but by now Mrs. VA is scandalized anew. Seems this Christian guide to Atlantic City has found a back-door way of advertising the "houses of ill repute" -- by listing them as places Jesus wouldn't go, were he to ever visit AC. Heh. Mrs. VA scoffs that maybe it's better we don't have children in"this world."

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