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Back to the Van Alden anniversary dinner. The Mrs. begs off of butterscotch pudding for dessert (which officially gets me off her bandwagon forever). Nelson hands her a gift -- even though he doesn't believe in gifts OF COURSE. It's a giant cameo, and she loves it. He then calls the waiter over and decides to take him up on the offer of booze. Why Nelson! The Mrs. is scandalized, but when the waiter comes closer, Nelson slugs the guy and slams him down on the table. "This is a raid!" he yells, and soon Clarkson and Sawicki storm in with a swarm of agents. Van Alden instructs Clarkson to get the cash and Sawicki to break into the booze room, which he finds loaded with brandy, wine, and champagne. Van Alden tells him to tag it, catalog it, and destroy it. He places the waiter/owner under arrest. Mrs. Van Alden is VERY impressed.

Cut to: a headboard thumping against the wall. Oh, har-har, it's just Van Alden testing the hotel bed for faulty springs. The Mrs. suggests they could go to Nelson's boarding house, but he shoots that idea down -- it's for men only and certainly not luxurious. Mrs. VA is very proud of her husband. And she admits that it was "thrilling" to watch him command that raid. She kisses him, as hungrily as a woman like her can manage. Pretty soon, they're on the bed -- with both feet off the ground! And the lights off!

Nucky sits at home, looking quite troubled. Margaret notices and asks him about it. To his credit, he doesn't shut Margaret out. He says he saw Jimmy today. Margaret asks about the "newlyweds" and says they should send them a gift. Nucky says he already took care of it. Anyway, he can tell Jimmy's holding something back, and it's bothering him that Jimmy no longer talks to him about that stuff. Particularly when he used to do that all the time as a kid. Margaret asks about Jimmy's real father, and Nucky says the Commodore avoided Jimmy as a kid, because he couldn't control a child. NOW he's interested, Nucky scoffs, and Margaret can detect the jealousy in his tone. Nucky says he's not jealous, he's angry. He knows Jimmy has something up his sleeve. "I was father and mother to that kid," he says, bitterly. (And also without acknowledgment of how he totally cut Jimmy off last year.) Margaret tells him there's another boy down the hall who could use a father. She tells him about meeting with the nun and learning about the matches. And even then, Teddy still wouldn't fess up. She tells Nucky the kid seems to have a fascination with fire. "What's THAT all about?" Clearly it'd have nothing to do with him watching Nucky torch his childhood home, would it?

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