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At the train station, Van Alden sees the Mrs. off. She concludes that it was a fine visit, but she's kidding herself to think she could live here. He agrees, calling it "Sodom by the Sea." She tells him she misses him, then they part until next month. "Travel safely and with God," he says, Van Alden-ily.

It's breakfast at the Darmody beach house, and Richard has joined them for what looks like a pretty delicious meal for something cooked in the '20s. Richard looks at his plate but doesn't eat. Angela points Jimmy toward the gift from Nucky, looming large on the table. Jimmy's not interested. I wouldn't be either given the giant plate o' biscuits Angela just brought out. Richard still won't eat, too self-conscious about how it'll look. I have to admit, I had some grotesque thoughts about how what would happen. Jimmy tells him not to be embarrassed and to at least take some biscuits for later. Richard looks at this friend and asks, "How does it feel to have everything?" Hmm. Would Jimmy know? He offers no response.

Nucky goes up to Teddy's room to have a talk. Teddy assumes the position for the belt, but Nucky says he's not going to beat him. But they do need talk about the matches. Nucky instructs the boy to mind his mother, and the nuns at school. Teddy is all "Yes sir," but the kid is so non-responsive it's tough to get much of a sense of the relationship there. Nucky then goes to his old standby: he pulls out a wad of cash and gives Teddy money to go buy some sweets. He tells him to be a good boy. It's sweet, I guess. I'm not sure having either of these guys as a son or father would be a barrel of laughs.

Elsewhere, Jimmy and Richard break into Chalky's warehouse and clean it out of what remaining bottles weren't shattered in the Klan raid. Just being opportunists, right?

Van Alden returns to his boarding house and head upstairs ... to where he's keeping a decidedly pregnant and unsurprisingly naked Lucy. He tries his hardest not to wake her -- and, when she wakes up, not to look at her -- as he takes out a stack of money from the restaurant raid. He hands her the money -- her latest payment, apparently. "Come lay with me, daddy" she squeaks. He tells her she needs to sleep in her own room. She slinks off as he clenches his jaw. Man, is he gonna sleep well tonight after all the flogging!

Jimmy and Richard unload the crates of stolen booze at Mickey Doyle's place. Mickey wheezily laughs at the blood on them and asks whether he should be concerned. Jimmy basically tells him to shut up.

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