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At home, Nucky gets a phone call from Eddie, who says there's a man from the State's Attorney's office there to see him. Eddie can't get the guy to talk to Nucky on the phone, so Nucky's going to have to head down to the office. He tells Margaret she and Teddy will have to head out to the picture show without him. He will join them later.

Richard Harrow sits in his bedroom, cutting out pictures of happy families and pasting them in his scrapbook of sorts. It's sad.

Nucky arrives at the office and finds a few cops miraculously NOT on his payroll, as well as one State's Attorney Solomon Bishop. And Bishop promptly places Nucky under arrest. ...For election fraud, in case you were wondering which one of Nucky's bajillion crimes have caught up to him.

At the pictures, Margaret and Teddy sit with an empty seat between them, watching as Charlie Chaplin horses around with a kid on the big screen. Margaret keeps looking expectantly at the doors, and so does Teddy. Nucky ain't coming.

Jimmy, at home, opens the gift he got from Nucky. There's an envelope of money, which Jimmy tosses aside contemptuously. But there's also a statue of sorts, of a man and a boy hunting together. Aw, look! They're so happy bonding over that dead buck! Jimmy is clearly moved, but then he places it on the top shelf of his closet. Out of sight.

Joe R feels like Richard Harrow would be cheered to know that he is not even in the Top 5 creepiest characters on this show. He can be reached for lavish praise and nothing but at, and you can listen to him yammer on to his heart's content on the Extra Hot Great podcast.

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