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Nucky and Margaret also return home, as Katy passes by and sees Nucky plant one on Margaret. He doesn't ever want to see her sad again. He tells Katy to lay out his suit for tomorrow and heads upstairs. Katy, with much familiarity, asks Margaret what happened at dinner to rouse Nucky's spirits. "Goodnight, Katy," Margaret formally replies. I guess keeping up appearances DOES have an effect on people. Katy tries one more time, conspiratorially telling Margaret that she figured it out: Peggy Rowan is HER. "I'll never tell, don't worry!" she says excitedly. I do think she's wrong, but there's enough in the implication that rings true -- that Margaret emigrated and started her new life -- that Margaret momentarily looks caught. She gathers up her poise, and once again formally -- and this time a bit crossly -- dismisses Katy. Aw. R.I.P. Fun Boss Margaret.

Joe Rlikes the implication that Katy could be "A Dangerous Maid." Don't mess with her, Margaret! He can be reached for lavish praise and nothing but at, and you can listen to him yammer on to his heart's content on the Extra Hot Great podcast.

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