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Jimmy returns home to his seaside abode with Richard Harrow in tow to find Capone in his house, horsing around with Angela and Tommy. There's half a moment of that old frenemy tension, but soon the two of them wrestling around like bros. Jimmy updates Capone on the situation in Atlantic City. Capone doesn't understand why they don't just take Nucky out like they took out Colosimo in Chicago. He gestures towards Harrow: "Just have Frankenstein drill a hole in his noggin." Jimmy bristles and says it's a political coup. And Harrow says he won't "do that," besides. Capone clearly doesn't care for Harrow. How much of it is jealousy at being elbowed out as Jimmy's BFF, I wonder. Al thanks Angela for her hospitality in Italian, and she responds in kind. He joshes Jimmy for marrying a "dago" while he married a "Mick." Jimmy goes to help Tommy tie his shoes, and Al looks on, envious of the relationship Jimmy has with his son. Harrow interrupts and asks Al how Odette is. He sourly dismisses the question: "She's a whore. That's how she is."

Eli returns home to awful screaming children and his wife who says she's been having a nightmare of a time with Pa Thompson. He's agitated and won't let her change his bed -- it's been days, in fact. Eli goes up -- aw, RIP, Tom Aldredge -- and checks on his dad. He's reading the paper and commenting on the "bullshit" that's happening to Nucky. He has no idea Eli is in on it, so Eli has to be all, "Yeah, right?" Pa is antsy, saying he's gotta be ready in case "he" needs him. Eli tries to get him to rest, but Pa continues. "What'll become of him?" Eli says he'll turn out okay. "You can handle things," Pa says. "But Eli? He has no goddamn idea what he's doing!" Ah, yes. The power of truth-telling dementia.

Back home, Margaret is looking through her Pinkertons care package. There are photos of people -- adults, children -- and what appear to be immigration records -- along with a typed report, which is pretty difficult to read. But I press on, for your benefit! It appears to say that members of the Rowan family emigrated to New York some years ago and now reside in Brooklyn. Nucky returns home, and Margaret quickly shoves the papers into the nightstand drawer. Nucky has news: Chalky's going to make bail. Margaret is happy about that, but obviously sullen. She tries to pass it off as the book she's reading, but Nucky presses. "I'll do the worrying for the both of us," he says. She talks of her brother and sisters whom she left when she left Ireland. They're here now, in Brooklyn. She'd like to make contact, obviously, but things didn't end well with them when she left. Nucky understand and tries to cheer her up. When this business all blows over, he wants to take her to Paris, kids and all. It's important, he says, to always have something to look forward to.

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