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You'd hope that Jimmy has more to look forward to than Gillian filing his nails for him and instructing him on how to behave during the upcoming dinner with the Governor and the Commodore. She wants him to take his father's lead but be his own man as well. Jimmy bristles at the instruction -- "So I shouldn't let him cut my meat for me?" -- but it's hard to take this kind of attitude from a guy as his mommy is giving him a manicure. Jimmy, who's been more than a little wary of this newfound alliance between Ma and Pa, says, "You used to call him the Lech." Gillian pretends she doesn't know what he's talking about. She and the Commodore have come a long way. She says she grew up and learned forgiveness. "By that logic I should forgive Nucky," Jimmy says. Angela, passing through the room, asks, "Forgive Nucky for what?" Gillian and Jimmy promptly ignore her (like, seriously, isn't Angela living every "Nightmare mother-in-law and her umbilically attached offspring" scenario ever), but her question lingers in the air, because it's pretty valid. Gillian says it's nice Jimmy stands up for her honor. "I was a mere child when Nucky brought me to your father." Subtle way to keep Nucky the villain, lady. Jimmy's more concerned with how damn ridiculous the Commodore looks with his new black hair. "To you, maybe," Gillian says, masking her opportunism as compassion so smoothly you'd think she was sincere. "To the outside world, it just looks like the Commodore." Jimmy talks a little about Capone's father, who Al said had recently died. He was a barber. "Sometimes I think I'd be better suited to a different life," Jimmy says. Gillian thinks he's a natural leader. Oh really? Which part is most leaderish, Gil? The mumbly speaking voice? The permanent state of ambivalence? The fact that he just now expressed a preference to be a barber? "And what are you?" he asks her. "Just a woman who loves her family."

At the boarding house, Lucy reads lines from "A Dangerous Maid" into the mirror. The role sounds very Roxie Hart-ish. Or the type of woman Roxie was based on. Van Alden comes in upon her, in her fur-lined coat, reading lines about putting on airs. He tells her to hand over the script -- surprise, he doesn't approve! He's not impressed by her dropping Eddie Cantor's name either. But Eddie said she'd be good for the part! Van Alden seems unfamiliar with the concept of a script. "Everything that's written here is intended to be said on stage?" Lucy's like, ain't you ever seen a show? Van Alden says his aunt took him to a Christmas pageant once. When his parents found out, they shunned her and never spoke to her again. Makes sense! Lucy wails that she needs something or else she'll go crazy. He says it's not possible; she's with child, which is a sacred responsibility from the lord, plus a financial agreement between them. Guess it's back to the mirror, then!

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