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Shockingly enough, Van Alden is making a deal with Mickey Doyle. ...Wait, seriously. Yes, it looks like Doyle, or "Mr. Cusick" as Van Alden insists on calling him, is informing on other speaks in exchange for protection. That doesn't seem like Van Alden's style at all. I would expect Mickey to get royally fucked by this deal sooner or later. But for now, Micky's handing over information ... as well as charging Van Alden a fee for some unspecified thing. "You wanna dance, you gotta pay the piper," Mickey says. He then cheekily asks if Van Alden wouldn't want to sell him the raided liquor. "You're not admitting you're a bootlegger, are you?" Van Alden returns. Mickey looks over his shoulder at three half-empty jugs of booze around him and puzzles that he ain't get a bead on Van Alden at all. VA looks past the bottles to the painting of a naked lady's derriere on the wall. Mickey asks if he likes that kind of thing. Of course not! He's a married man! Mickey gives him some valuable advice: "Treat a queen like a whore and a whore like a queen." Seems Van Alden is doing the opposite. As he's leaving, Van Alden turns back and asks Mickey one very important question: "Would you consider Nucky Thompson fun?"

Hey don't worry! If you feared we were going to go a whole episode without seeing Lucy naked and pregnant, you're in so much luck! She's standing in front of a mirror without even the suggestion of clothing, inspecting her alien body and crying. And just to complete the effect, her cigarette is fuming in the ashtray.

Margaret has Katy set up at the phone with instructions to call and ask for any occupant of apartment 2A. "Is it a friend?" Katy noses. "A relation," Margaret says. So Katy asks for one Peggy Rowan, but the news she gets back isn't happy. The man on the phone said Peggy Rowan died twelve years ago. Margaret doesn't say a word and simply leaves room.

Eddie tells Nucky that Bader and the Mrs. invited him for dinner, but Nucky is not interested. Eddie goes to pick up the phone Nucky threw and gets hollered at. Owen Slater shows up at the door asking for a word. Nucky's in no mood, but whatevs. Slater's been tending bar for Mr. Steinman at the casino, as we know. Nucky's like, "The booze will be coming tonight, get off my jock!" But that's now why Slater is here. He says he reads the papers, and he also reads between the lines. His talents are being wasted behind a tap. Nucky wonders what these "talents" are. Slater says they're making people stop whatever he wants stopping. Nucky's like, "What makes you think I need you?" Slater's like, "If you even have to ask?" Eddie comes in with word from Captain McCoy: the Coast Guard is seizing his ships. Cannily, Slater's like, "Thanks for your time."

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