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They order food, and when Margaret orders the Lobster Thermidor, she's informed that they just sold out of it. Nucky looks over to the Commodore's table and sees his enemy slobbering all over that rich, creamy, lobster goodness. He's had it. Nucky marches over and flips the plate off the table. "You've had your last meal in this place," he says. Jimmy tries to get Nucky to calm down, but Nucky's all, "Get your fucking hands off me." He greets the governor, who coldly says Nucky has his sympathy for his troubles. Nucky: "And you have my undying wish for a long political life." Ah, the pleasantry that's actually a threat! I love those! Nucky tells Jimmy he's looking "very respectable." The Commodore, ever the micro-manager, tells Jimmy, "Meet his eyes boy!" Gee, thanks, DAD! Oh wait... Jimmy steels himself, then looks up at his old mentor, says they both seem to be putting up a pretty good front. Nucky asks what the 'Dore promised him. Jimmy says it's more than Nucky ever did. Nucky says he keeps his promises, and he promises now to ruin all three men. Commodore mumbles that he's acting like a fucking child. Nucky: "You'd know about children." Then, to Jimmy: "He didn't even ask her name. Just pointed to the one he wanted. The rest was understood." Jimmy's on his feet after that insult to his sainted showgirl mother. Commodore tells him to sit down, he's smarter than that. After a stare down, Nucky wishes the men a nice dinner and stalks off.

At Lolly's casino, Richard Harrow supervises as the Commodore's product is being unloaded from the trucks as Lolly telling him what he wants. Slater shows up and tells Harrow to peddle his goods elsewhere. Lolly's like, "But the booze!" Slater tells him, "You work for Mr. Thompson. These aren't Mr. Thompson's men." Lolly looks plausibly surprised by this. Slater pegs Harrow as a soldier, and the two men face off. He heads off another man unloading the truck, who says he don't take orders from no Paddy. This fine gentleman gets knocked out for his trouble. Slater spins around, pulls his gun, and winds up looking down the barrel of Harrow's pistol. The men stare each other down, and there seems to be a strain of mutual respect there. "Why'd you not shoot me?" Slater asks. Harrow: "I may yet." Slater's got no quarrel with him. They're just not buying any liquor. Harrow, a more honorable man than most, stands down. Looks like Slater's already paying off.

Jimmy, back at home after dinner, drinks and glowers. Angela asks him how dinner went with his father. Jimmy: "Which one?" Okay, Boardwalk Empire. Settle down. She kisses him sweetly and hopes he doesn't start interpreting her awful new haircut as a giveaway for her past lesbian dalliances.

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