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Over at the hotel, Margaret's sitting alone in the dark. The Cure's Disintegration is on the Victrola. Nucky comes in and gallantly moves to turn on a lamp, but she stops him. He sits down by here and says the craziness should soon be over, but she doesn't have to say so to indicate she doesn't believe him. He doesn't blame her, given the way he "bollixed" everything -- he checks to make sure he said the word properly, and she says he did, and quite appropriately too. "I guess between you and Owen, the old country's starting to rub off," he says. He takes her hand and promises to make it up to her: "It's a new start from here on out," he says. "It is," says Margaret, evenly.

On the beach in Tabor Heights, Rosetti is crowing about the successful delivery of 1,200 cases, at 24 bottles per, 28,800 bottles in total, and begins lecturing his men, standing around on the beach, on the usefulness of math and his hard-working bricklayer father, who worked his ass off and died at fifty, and could have lived to be a hundred if he'd laid around a fishing boat all his life. Hey, who do we know whose father was a fisherman?

Yep, there's Franco, buried on the beach up to his neck. Tonino pleads with Rosetti, playing the family card, and Rosetti says Franco's a lucky guy. He takes a shovel from one of his men. I don't think anyone expects that Rosetti would be the one to dig him out. But we've known this was going to end this way from the moment Franco started talking about "rogue waves." I mean, not nearly this specific way, with Rosetti beating Franco's skull to death with a shovel, but I'm sure even the actor here got his script and knew from his first couple of lines that Franco didn't exactly scream "recurring character." After caving in Franco's skull, Rosetti tells Tonino he owes him one. I think at this point we can be trusted to remember that Rosetti's a psycho, you know.

In the hotel, Eddie is waking up a sleepy and irritated Nucky -- sleeping by himself -- at nearly 4 a.m. because there's a delivery. Uh, can this be anything but terrible?

In the foyer, Eddie works at the lid off the large crate with a crowbar. Goddamn, can this be anything BUT a corpse? Margaret comes out of her room wondering what's going on, and ignores Nucky telling her to go back to bed. Nucky's eyes go wide when Eddie lifts the lid, and he orders Eddie to close it and -- more urgently this time -- tells Margaret to go back to bed.

But that's not going to happen. Margaret comes forward and starts screaming at the sight of Owen's dead body, face bloodied, in the crate. Lifeless eyes open. She goes into hysterics. Understandable, really. But she keeps it up to the point that Nucky furrows his brow, especially when she starts trying to hit him. He holds her arms and eventually she gives up and goes off wailing somewhere, Nucky standing there knowing that her tears were more grief than shock, and probably considering the likelihood that she wouldn't have been that upset had it been Nucky's body in that crate.

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