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Elsewhere Owen Sleater is getting ready to go to work -- to work on Margaret, that is, Katy says. Sleater says he's not a "monkfish" and won't take the bait. That's probably far from the only thing that makes him not a monkfish. Katy rhetorically wonders if Mr. Thompson knows his wife fancies the help. This is a conversation they've had before, and Sleater's in no mood to have it again.

But she heard him on the phone, and isn't buying Sleater's "I'm only doing my job" stance. "Maybe she needed your help removing a pea from under her mattress," says Katy. He warns her to stop filling her head with foolish notions, and she pleads with him to prove she's a fool. And he winds up offhandedly proposing to her. She's surprised, pleasantly, and he gives her a kiss and says they'll discuss it later, and walks out the door to the reason why he never intends to make good on that arrangement.

He arrives at the hotel and is happy to see Margaret, less excited to see that cockblock Kessler there with her, causing her to be coolly businesslike. "You come bearing secrets," she says, when he finds himself at a loss for something non-horny to talk about in the presence of Nucky's manservant. Margaret even asks Kessler what he thinks Sleater is hiding, and Kessler has no idea what is going on.

Eventually he comes up with a cover story that it's Katy's birthday tomorrow (might I suggest NO PONIES), and he'll be damned if he knows what to get her, but also damned if he chooses wrong. Hey, how about not putting your penis in another woman, especially the boss's wife? A lot of guys are getting that for their girlfriends these days. Margaret, satisfied, says Sleater needs "a woman's touch," like KESSLER ISN'T AN IDIOT, YOU TWO. I have to say the look he gives Sleater on his way out to fetch the car suggests he knows something's up.

After he's gone, Sleater warns Margaret that she shouldn't toy with Kessler that way. "He sees more than you think," he advises her, but Margaret insists he's only seen them talking. "And soon he won't see us at all," she adds.

Margaret's clearly excited at the prospect of being with Sleater, but looks conflicted when he warns her of the danger of being found out by Nucky. His plan is for her to leave first, with him following a month or six weeks later, to keep Nucky from making a connection. "We leave together, then he knows. And he won't forget. And there's no place far enough then," he says, simply.

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