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Margaret nods, and then asks what St. Louis is like. He doesn't know, but his mate Emmett will set them up, and if they don't like it, they'll "live among the Indians," suggests Margaret, wryly. Look, how could you not like St. Louis? It's got that arch -- wait, when did they build the arch? Hold on, let me check Wikipedia ... OK, so in four decades or so it'll have that arch! She asks about Katy, and Sleater says he'll leave one morning, tell her something that sounds convincing, and she'll never see him again. Margaret looks uncomfortable. Really, it's not super-romantic to hear your sweetheart blithely brag about how easy it will be throw over the other woman he's currently sleeping with.

Over in Nucky's office, Agent Sawicki is reciting, "A man, a plan, a canal -- Panama!" for the benefit of the Thompson brothers, only one of whom already knows what a palindrome is. Sawicki's next example -- "mom" -- doesn't impress Nucky, who suggests "imbecile." Mickey Doyle's immediate giggle should be clue enough, but Sawicki takes a little longer to work out in his head that that doesn't fit. At least, not as a palindrome. As a general descriptor, sure.

But he doesn't follow the meaning all the way to "Nucky's insulting me again" before Nucky expresses annoyance that Sleater hasn't shown up. Doyle goes to fetch him, giving Sawicki plenty of time to piss Nucky off some more with the endlessly fascinating world of palindromes -- no, wait, that's over. Nucky's got a "fucking headache." Probably pissed off that he's got to try to take down Masseria with this gang of idiots.

Doyle comes in, Sleater (apologizing for being late) in tow, and Sawicki starts right in with it: His contact in New York says Masseria goes to the Turkish baths every Thursday night, and Eli and Sleater are immediately on board with this as the venue for whacking him. Doyle, unsurprisingly, gets off-message by wanting to know if there's actual mineral baths there.

Eli tells Sleater he'll come with, but Nucky's got other plans for his brother -- heading to Chicago to see Johnny Torrio and rustling up an army to help them take Rosetti out. "He'll be weak without Masseria's backup," says Nucky, who also wants Doyle to pack his bags. Doyle claps his hands and says, "Please tell me I'm going to Paris." His face falls when he finds out he's going to the Paris of Pennsylvania: West Overton. Well, the Paris of western Pennsylvania, anyway. A man named Fahey will take him to the Overholt distillery that he'll get up and running. "We're taking over Remus's old operation, using Overholt as a base," says Nucky (it's Andrew Mellon's old place, Eli reminds everyone).

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