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Meanwhile, Sleater and Sawicki will take care of the Masseria thing. Nucky wonders if they'll be enough -- Sawicki will distract Joe's bodyguards with his badge and/or word games while Sleater gets him good. More men means more mistakes, says Owen. He doesn't need an army, just patience and opportunity. A man and a plan, in other words. Plus it helps that "assassinating boss's enemy" uses the same strategy as "boning and absconding with boss's wife."

Rothstein, Luciano and Lansky are playing billiards, with Luciano and Lansky trying to sell Rothstein on the heroin business by pointing out that this "mishegas" (Lansky's word, in a transparent attempt to engender goodwill from Rothstein) will soon end, by which he means Prohibition. Rothstein uses an extended snooker metaphor to say no; what he wants is for Nucky to make his move on Joe Masseria, No point in entering into any new deals before one (or both, I suppose) is dead. Lansky's impatient, but Rothstein says a deal will always wait, but fools will always rush in. But he likes the concept, which I guess means their performance evaluation reports will go pretty well this year.

Jess Smith is reading The Redemption of David Corson, on which I can offer no insight, by Charles Frederic Goss, when Jimmy James strolls up to compliment his reading choice and also to stir up some shit by telling him he has it on "unimpeachable authority" that the $10,000 Remus recently gave him consists of marked bills. Jess reacts with the usual stoicism and aplomb we've come to expect from him: "It's over. It's fucking over!" he mutters, starting to breathe very heavily. Means tells him burning it in the yard right away -- "consign it to the fires of hell" -- is the best way. Jess, having no interest in going to prison over this, rushes out.

Of course, Means goes straight to Daugherty and points him to the window to show him the clearly addle-brained Jess torching perfectly good money in the birdbath. Daugherty wants to rush out and stop him before anyone sees him, but Means holds him back: "A panicked man drowns both himself and his savior," he says, so instead Daugherty starts talking about other times Jess seemed like he was going batshit. Means sits Daugherty down, assuring him that Jess will be doing hard time soon. That's not the ideal solution for Daugherty of course. But, speaking cryptically of an old dog that went rabid, Daugherty contracts Jess Smith's killing, at least tacitly.

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