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Many Happy Returns

Then Babbette quiets everyone so they can crowd around the wireless to hear that Warren G. Harding has been elected President. Nan should be expecting that call any minute now. The crowd hushes again to hear the newsman read the text of Harding's speech, the one where he made his famed call for a "Return to Normalcy," a plea for calm in the post-war times. Of course, a brilliant man once said that the world only spins forward. And we've already talked about how Harding's Presidency ended up, history-wise. Still, if his words did nothing else, they moved Nucky and Margaret to kiss on the dancefloor.

Eddie Cantor then sings us out of the season, as we peek in on Van Alden with his Bible; the Commodore, Jimmy, and Eli scheming; Gillian in the next room looking agitated and displeased (it'll sure be interesting to see where she falls in the new order of things); Lansky and Luciano continuing to do business the only way they know how -- by murdering some poor sap truck driver; Chalky White regarding his fellow revelers at the post-election party like they're encased in glass; Nan trying on her Irish cake ring and dreaming of Warren; Arnold Rothstein getting the good news of his non-indictment while the prosecutor on the other end of the phone looks at the fat stacks of money Nucky sent his way; Angela sits alone in her dark kitchen and despairs; and Jimmy Darmody walks the beach just before sunrise, pondering the coup d'├ętat to come. Nucky and Margaret laugh it up with the other revelers as they exit Babbette's, then cross the Boardwalk to look out over the water as the sun comes up. Happy for now.

Joe R is disappointed we never saw much of Mrs. McGarry in the season's second half. He hopes for more of her as Margaret's birth-control mentor in Season 2! He can be reached for lavish praise and nothing but at, and you can listen to him yammer on to his heart's content on the Extra Hot Great podcast.

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