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Back at the library, Doris and Willie are still making out, at least until the lights come on and Henry leads a group of students into the library crooning, "By the light of the silvery moon…" Willie angrily shoves Henry to the floor, threatening to break his nose, but Henry gets up and points out Willie's hard-on: "I see your anger's not the only thing that's risen." Everyone cracks up, there is some unnecessary ADR of a girl shouting, "It's Thompson's Willie!" and Willie stalks off out of the library and out of the building.

It's still raining in Tampa, and Nucky has made his way back to Sally's, which is empty save for one unconscious drunk at a table. He takes a seat at the bar and he and Sally banter about the drunk -- "Is he alive?" -- and the weather, and then Sally asks if Nucky's alive. Oh, good, the bartender who cuts through the bullshit to ask the piercing questions that force deep reflection upon one's very existence. But Nucky says he was alive once, and then Prohibition happened, and until then he was a simple, run-of-the-mill crook: A corrupt city official. Wow, it's just all coming out, huh? While Sally pours a drink, Nucky says he was happy: plenty of money, plenty of friends, plenty of everything. "Then, suddenly, plenty wasn't enough."

Sally's not buying it, though. "Anybody who says money doesn't buy happiness doesn't know where to shop," she says. So Nucky starts talking about his son Teddy, and how it's his birthday tomorrow, and if he's trying to impress her with his paternal prowess, actually remembering how old his son is might be a start. And excusing his uncertainty with "He's no longer with me" of course only makes Sally think Teddy's dead, which Nucky corrects to "He's in Brooklyn." Oh, well, he's in Brooklyn, I can totally see how you wouldn't know how old he is. She gets in a "what's the difference"-esque gag, and then Nucky says he should send Teddy something, and then drama-queens that maybe the best gift is to let Teddy forget him. THANK GOD Sally calls him on that bullshit, and notes how convenient it is "that the best choice requires the least amount of effort on your part."

Nucky's mildly (but only mildly) outraged at her gumption, and introductions are exchanged. She already knows who he is, since he's all Tucker has talked about for weeks. She's not of the opinion that Tucker is the big man Tucker thinks he is, and offers to "dish" in exchange for a cigarette. You know, so we can do the whole "stare lustily while the man lights your cigarette" thing. August Tucker: From Georgia, son of moonshiners, made his way to Tampa after the war. Nucky asks when Tucker found Sally, and she stares through him for a moment before saying, "We're friends." Also they do business once in a while. Nucky wants to know if Tucker is dangerous, and Sally points to this stuffed alligator that's behind glass above the bar like HAS THAT BEEN THERE THE WHOLE TIME AND I MISSED IT and anyway Sally says Tucker will kill you if he gets the chance, but he's not very smart. How does a not-smart, semi-dangerous man so many rackets down here, Nucky wants to know, and Sally says if you've got enough money and the right connections, you can do whatever you want. They stare at each other for a good long while, until the unconscious drunk stirs enough to knock over a drink and sound like he's preparing to throw up. So the flirting is over, at least for now.

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