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Fighting Irish

At the hospital, the workers are also consumed by the fight, so Margaret takes the opportunity to slip into the quarantine unnoticed. She walks slowly, heavily toward Emily's bed and strokes her hair. She weeps, "Forgive me for what I've brought upon you," and curls up next to her (highly contagious) daughter -- the ultimate act of repentance. The camera pans back from above, putting us in a position to judge Margaret for her choices.

Back at the fight, Jimmy tells his floozies, "You shouldn't pass notes out to strangers." One flirts back, "You're not a stranger. Everyone knows who the new king is." They say they saw him at Babette's and have a laugh at the expense of Mickey and his swan dive. They each take a turn pulling Jimmy in for a kiss, though one finally notices Harrow at Jimmy's side. Jimmy embraces his friend and tells them, "He's with me." The girl says, "What the hell? Something to talk about when we're old." She makes her way over for a little Phantom of the Makeout action while Jimmy gets handsy with her friend.

Ireland. Nucky wistfully looks at a young girl on the dock as he prepares to head home. Owen arrives with two telegrams from home. Before he reads them, Nucky asks Owen how long he knew McGarrigle. Owen says since he was 17 -- he wanted to fight but was turned down twice. Nucky wonders how much Owen knew about McGarrigle's sudden demise. Instead of answering plainly, Owen tells Nucky, "Nothing I could say would stop it," and emphasizes that Nucky got his whiskey. He adds, "Besides, I don't live here anymore." Nucky tells Owen, "I don't like secrets." Translation: Go rogue on me again, and I will end you.

Owen opens the telegrams. The first is from Nucky's lawyer, telling him the trial date has been set. The second is from Margaret: "Come home." Owens voice catches. "Emily has polio." Nucky double checks the telegram in disbelief and heads to board the boat. As the credits roll, we hear the final moments of the Dempsey-Carpentier bout. The Frenchman was knocked down, and he got back up. Ultimately, he was knocked down for good. Dempsey won.

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