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AC. Jimmy can tell Harrow has something on his mind. At first, he thinks it's about Doyle, but Harrow is more concerned with finding himself a nice girl to settle down with. Jimmy assures him his time will come. As Waxey Gordon and his entourage arrive, Harrow says gravely, "You're my friend." It breaks my heart any time he says... well... pretty much anything, but especially when he feels the need to re-establish his relationships like this. Like he thinks they will fly away like dust at any moment. Such is his insecurity. It's especially eating at him that he thinks Jimmy was making fun of him. Jimmy says firmly, unflinchingly, that he wasn't. And you know he means it. Because Jimmy, bless him, is wildly unaware of himself. Sometimes, he's what in the 1920s they would have called a douchebag. He just can't help it. He works in broad strokes not fine lines.

Jimmy welcomes Waxey in, and Waxey zeroes in on the fact that they both have had dealings with Manny. Waxey wonders what Jimmy has to offer in this regard, so Jimmy totally sells out Manny, revealing that Manny shot one of Waxey's men during last month's high jacking and that Manny made mincemeat (literally) of Waxey's man Herman. It matters very little to Waxey that Jimmy quite clearly has blood on his hands because he's looking for retribution. Waxey invites himself to a drink, then mentions pointedly that he dealt with Nucky last time he was in AC. Jimmy tells him, "From this point on, you deal with me." He thinks they can have a beneficial business relationship between AC and Jersey. Waxey says first he needs to dispose of Manny and wonders if that's a problem. Says Jimmy, "Maybe... but it's not mine." And that's Jimmy. Even his decisions are indecisions, unbothered nods rather than definite calls to action. Call Nucky or Chalky or Rothstein all sorts of things, but they're decisive and direct. Perhaps it's the leisure of the young to go with the flow and assume it's power. Or perhaps Jimmy's carefully gauging himself in the scheme of things. Or maybe he's just stupid. Most likely all of the above. He raises his glass, "To the lost," and slugs it back. Okay, I'm leaning toward stupid.

The next day at Nucky's house, Margaret and the staff remove all of Emily's things are burn them on a giant bonfire. Teddy asks if Emily is "going to die like daddy." Feeling more responsible by the minute, Margaret lashes out, grabbing Teddy by the shoulders and screaming that he mustn't say such things. As he apologizes, she notices that her housekeeper Holly is leaving. She has a family of her own and can't risk staying. As she leaves, Teddy watches the conflagration consume Emily's favorite doll. A single twist of fate, and the markers of their rich new life add up to nothing.

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