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Fighting Irish

Meanwhile, Dunn pays Chalky a visit as Chalky methodically scrapes a knife back and forth over the sharpener. Met with a chilly reception, he takes off his hat subserviently. Chalky looks up and understates, "You and me, we had our little fracas, huh?" (So good!) Chalky asks (but really informs Dunn) "We copasetic now?" He mentions Dunn's job (oh yeah, he's been keeping track) and that Dunn will head back to Baltimore at summer's end -- "with a plug of green in your pocket, a little gold in your mouth." Chalky asks Dunn for a report on his job. Dunn says he's an inch from getting fired, and his coworkers "be simmering," just waiting for the word to rebel. Chalky looks at his gleaming knife, then says measuredly, "So go on give it to 'em." With a tilt of his hat, Dunn is off to ignite the rebellion. Chalky returns to sharpening his knife.

In Ireland, Nucky gives McGarrigle one last pitch. Proving that he's studied up on the current state of the Irish-English conflict, Nucky makes a compelling case that McGarrigle has very little to gain and a lot to lose if he lets Nucky return home empty-handed. McGarrigle insists it's a risk he's willing to take. Seeing that reason will not prevail, Nucky puts it plainly: He helped McGarrigle out, and now it's time for some quid pro quo. Revealing how much he does not know Nucky, McGarrigle tries to shame him by mentioning all the lives that would be lost because of Nucky's guns. Nucky says coldly, "Let's not lie to each other, Mr. McGarrigle. Whenever men like you need to win, you'll turn to men like me."

He bids Owen to take him back to the farm, but McGarrigle calls Owen back for a private chat. He detests the selfish aspirations of Nucky and his American greed mongers and tells Owen he's changed. Owen assures him he hasn't, so McGarrigle tells him to stay behind to broker the peace. Owen protests, "I'm no peacemaker, sir." Truth. McGarrigle says he wants Owen close and asks, "Will you help me?" Owen says cryptically, "I'll serve as needed." Watch your back, McGarrigle!

Back in America, Manny is counting up his take for the day when a neighborhood boy knocks on the door and claims he's having an emergency. Because a real emergency can only be solved through brisket? Manny unlocks the door, only to find the boy run and a man with a shotgun emerge from around the corner. Manny takes a shot to the shoulder before trapping the gunman's arm in his door. And, in case you hadn't gleaned this already, Manny is one badass MF. He punches through the glass door, drags the gunman through, and physically battles the guy until finally overcoming him -- with a cleaver. To the head! He huffs and puffs as the would-be assassin collapses to the floor. Frankly, he looks more pissed off than anything. He glimpses at his bleeding shoulder, an inconvenience, and riffles through the stranger's pockets. On him, he finds a matchbook from Atlantic City. He tosses it back at the guy in disdain, and hits the cleaver -- in his head! Quoth the cat from Puss in Boots, "Oooooooooh!"

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