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Nucky pays the Commodore a visit, and as bad shape as the 'Dore was in last time we saw him (projectile vomiting into a chamber pot), he's much worse now. Like, on death's door. And plenty resentful about it, too. Nucky tells him he looks like shit, while the Commodore bemoans the reformers and Democrats and shot-up sheriffs that are the bane of Nucky's current existence. "At least you can still find joy," Nucky snarks. Commodore says he spent five years in jail, can you blame him? So we get a smidge more background about that whole thing -- Nucky says one of them had to go, 'Dore says he had no choice, and Nucky says he didn't either, which is why they struck a deal. So, you know, add that in to your explanation matrix. Nucky is here to find a solution to the Mayor Bacharach problem -- he's weak and losing ground. And they can't find anything on Fletcher, who is a clean and seemingly forthright reformer. So the Commodore's solution: run a reformer (or "reformer") of his own. "People want change, give it to 'em. Or pretend to give it to 'em." And what about Eli? "Replace him too." Nucky looks like he can't fathom the possibility. "I'm dying," Commodore notes. "It's no time to be sentimental."

At La Belle Femme, Nan is trying on dresses and intermittently talking about Warren. She thinks she needs something really fancy to wear to the inaugural. Margaret smiles and puts up with her foolishness. Nan eyes an exquisite pale blue dress, but the price Jeunet quotes is too extravagant. Jeunet and Margaret then step away to talk lady business. Well, I mean ... not like that, obviously. Jeunet kisses Margaret once on each cheek and thanks her for saving her business. That's nice. But then she pushes it, saying that the first time Margaret came into the shop, she said, "This is a lady of taste and judgment." Which is funny, because Margaret remembers her saying she smelled and needed to bathe. "I was as useless as the Polish girl," she says, over Jeunet's protests. "Until now." Margaret doesn't seem overly angry about this, more amused. But when Jeunet hands her a gift: an intricate lace dress and an ivory hairbrush for her daughter, Margaret gets prickly. "My daughter didn't help you," she says. "I did." Nan comes out wearing the blue dress, saying she just had to try it on. "It is beautiful," Margaret says, as pointedly as she can muster.

Meanwhile, Sebso is driving Billy out to the prison in Manhattan. Which looks strangely like an abandoned dune overlooking the water. Sebso lets Billy out so he can relieve himself; Billy takes a look out on the ocean. When he turns around, Sebso tells him he shouldn't have done that. Done ... what? "Lunged for my gun," Sebso lies. "That's why I killed you." At which point that's exactly what Sebso does, right in the heart. Poor dead Billy. Sebso then shows he's maybe been around Nelson Van Alden too long, because he picks up a heavy stone and smacks it right into his forehead, drawing a strong trickle of blood. That oughta help him sell his story, at least. He then leaves the gun, takes the cannolis, and loads Billy back into the car.

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