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Trapped in the Basement

Mickey turns to Sleater and asks if he agrees with this, which sets Nucky off. Why's he asking Sleater? He said how it's going to be, and that's how it's going to be, now get to work. With his hat and overcoat and general pale air, Nucky is currently serving Don Nosferatu, which is a complicated look to pull off. Nucky then tells Mickey to head up to Tabor Heights and find out what's going on. Seeing Sleater instruct some of his men, Nucky chooses this moment to pull him aside and ask him what's being done about Rowland Smith. You know, the accomplice of that guy they caught stealing from the warehouse in the pilot? Sleater barely remembers, as some more important things have been happening, plus it was Manny Horvitz's responsibility to deal with him. But Nucky's got a bug up his ass about Sleater this week, so he snaps that with Manny dead, this is Owen's responsibility now. "Use Agent Sawicky if you have to," Nucky says. Owen's like, "Get the Feds involved?" Nucky says that's what they're paying for, and also does he feel like second-guessing any more orders this morning? It's gonna be one of those weeks, Owen. Get used to it.

As Nucky goes to leave, Eli comes up to him to talk about the Rosetti situation. Nucky's all, "What of it?" but Eli wants to earn his keep around here. Let him look into it, be of some use. "I did my time like you asked," he says. Nucky wants to make one thing clear: "Allowing you to simply go to jail is the last gift I'll ever give you." It's so weird -- one episode of Eli acting semi-decent and already I'm like, "Aw, why's Nucky gotta be so mean?" I actually had to remind myself about the whole thing where Eli tries to arrange Nucky's assassination. Okay, fine.

At St. Theresa's, Margaret and Dr. Mason are getting an object lesson in the Catholic attitude towards sexual education. A nun, who seems to be also employed in some kind of dubious health-care position, is picking through the proposed materials for the clinic and flagging troublesome verbiage. Like "vagina," for instance. Mason finds this all vaguely amusing, wondering how they'll be able to discuss matters like fertilization and birth without using the v-word. The nun just sort of smiles at him and likens him to the "jackanapes" sniggering at the back of the classroom. Margaret is a bit more serious about how restrictions like this would hamstring their clinic. "Pregnant" is another naughty word, not to mention "menstruation." Better "with child" and "monthly time." So helpful! Sister Mary Euphemism then stands up and reminds Margaret and Dr. Mason that she will be sitting in on these classes to ensure that proper decorum is kept to. Before she skedaddles, though, she opens one of the packages that Margaret says they intend to give the women. Inside is a brand-new product going by the name of Kotex. A "sanitary napkin," says Dr. Mason, speaking of euphemisms. "Perhaps you yourself..." Margaret begins, before she thinks better of it. For real, though, do the nuns just lock themselves away for a week when it happens?

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