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Trapped in the Basement

In Chicago, Capone tries to teach his young son how to defend himself. Of course, he does so by yelling "Hit me! Hit me! Defend yourself!" at him. The kid doesn't know how to throw punches at age six or whatever, and he also doesn't have the aggressive temperament. After Capone gets more aggressive and starts berating the kid for "letting" kids bully him, the kid starts to cry. Capone finally sees what he's doing to his son and pulls him into a comforting hug. Poor little thing.

In Atlantic City, Eddie Kessler gets off the phone with Margaret and declares that no one knows where Nucky is. Not even Miss Kent in New York. Meantime, Eli cautions Mickey against making this shipment -- the backroads are unpassable, and Tabor Heights is off limits, per Nucky. Mickey lords his rank over Eli and says the Tabor Heights sheriff is on it. Eli doesn't put a lot of faith in a guy who's been on the job one week, but Mickey once again reminds him it's not his call. "Sure thing, boss," Eli replies, without even a little bit of confidence or deference.

In Philly, two of Waxey's guys continue to stake out the house, standing right by the car, so Nucky and Owen have been holed up in that basement all night. Rowland's unfazed enough that he's actually fallen asleep, which should tell you a lot about how this kid handles pressure. Nucky's too uncomfortable to sleep. Sleater reminisces to him about a few nights like this back in Ireland, when he would get through it by counting the steps to his home and to all his hometown haunts. What follows is a somewhat elliptical conversation about how Nucky thinks that Sleater is dissatisfied with Nucky's leadership, but Sleater says what he wants doesn't matter. "What have I done to earn loyalty?" Nucky asks him. "You made a place for me," Owen says, though when Nucky presses him to try again without the goopiness, Sleater smiles and says, "You pay me."

Back in Chicago, Capone canoodles with whores when Fat Jake comes in, his face all busted. He tells Capone that Joe Miller hit him when he wasn't looking. Capone is pissed and starts to stew his own juices. "He made fun of me," Jake says. "You think it doesn't bother me? I can't help how I smell. Hour after I wash, I already gotta change my sh-" At this point, Al is already gone, having stormed out to do God knows what.

Margaret is on the boardwalk, handing out flyers for the women's clinic and not having much success. She runs into Mrs. Scherer, the miscarriage lady, who is standoffish as ever. Margaret hands her a flyer, but Mrs. Scherer says she knows about it already, and besides she doesn't seem to think the clinic has much to teach her. Margaret's like, "Yeah, I thought so too." She says she's now ashamed of her ignorance. She assures Mrs. Scherer that there's a doctor who does know things on staff at the clinic, and her experience would be a valuable addition. At this point, Mr. Scherer steps out of a storefront with another of their kids. "It's not about the bill is it?" he asks. No, Margaret just lies that she was wishing Mrs. Scherer well. The husband is awful and blasé about it, saying the Lord's will was not for them to have a baby this time, but at least He got Edwina through it. Margaret contends that maybe the doctors had something to do with it. Mr. Scherer then tries to claim credit for taking the whole week off to be with his wife, and says that as soon as they can, they'll be trying for another baby. Margaret and Edwina exchange pained looks at that one, but the Scherers walk away. Maybe you can't save 'em all.

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